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Playful Learning Experience - Enhancing adult education and learning environments with digital media
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background of the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAHigh quality professional development and training for teachers and educators is a crucial aspect for achieving the “digital jump”. When developing educators’ digital competences, it is particularly important to consider the pedagogical aspects of digital media use. There is substantial evidence from research studies that the effective use of e-learning and digital materials can help to improve students’ learning outcomes. The aim of the partnership is to develop and expand the competencies of adult educators, especially their digital competencies, in order to enhance in turn the learning experience of their students. The aim is also to bridge the digital gap currently existing between teachers and learners. Another outcome will be improved quality of adult education offered and better access to learning. The main idea of the project is to improve the use of digital media in adult education through offering high quality online teacher training that will develop the competencies of adult educators and teachers in ICT-enhanced instruction. Target groups of the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAThe project is targeted for adult educators and teachers, especially unaccustomed users of digital media, so called newbies. Objectives and results of the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAThe aim of the partnership is to enhance the use of digital learning materials and digital media in adult education and to develop the digital competences of educators and teachers by offering new online training courses. The aim of the project is to provide teachers with hands-on tools for designing their own instructional activities based on contemporary pedagogical principles pertaining to the instructional use of different digital media. Additionally, the project aims at enhancing teachers’ eMaturity and at boosting their ICT skills. The main outcome of the project is new online curricula and accompanying material for teacher training. The aim is to provide teachers with new tools and concrete support that will enable them to improve the teaching and learning process through effective integration of digital media. The training material is developed irrespective of ICT-equipment, surroundings and devices in use by the schools/educational institutions and/or the students. The basic principle for the development work in the project is BYOD (Bring your own device).Methodology of the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAThe project activities are built on modeling of “Digimentors” (teachers who have trained and gained digital skills are mentoring fellow teachers), an iterative method and emphasis on the pedagogical aspects surrounding the use of digital media. An important perspective considered by the project is, how the use of various digital media influence the communication and interactivity between the teacher and students and in the student group. The aim of the new online material is to offer teachers and educators positive experiences of using digital media in their own teaching practices. The project will develop methods for learning digital media in a playful and joyful way.The partnership behind the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAThe partnership consist of five project partners representing HEIs and adult education. The coordinating partner is Åbo Akademi University (AAU) form Finland. The partner organisations are from Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia and Portugal. All project partners are involved in adult education and teacher training in their ordinary activities. The partners have all experiences from developing adult education with use of digital media and online learning.Description of project activities for PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAThe project will develop online material on how to use digital media and give the teachers hands on material to be used in their own teaching practices. The project will also develop methodology for research and development work on use of digital media in education. The pedagogical methods used are determinant for the technological solutions and choice of applications/software. At least three pedagogical methods will be implemented in the online training material produced. The main outcome of the project will be an online teacher training. The aim is to develop inspiring, hands on, applied knowledge on use of digital tools for teacher training. The new online teacher training will be presented on an international conference arranged in Turku (FI) in June 2019.The project duration is 09/2016-08/2019. Results and impact of the project PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIAExpected impacts are improved digital skills among teachers through better access to teacher training. New pedagogical ideas for teachers for renewing their own teaching. New knowledge on various applications and tools to be carried out in own teaching. Positive learning experiences for the participants through emphasis on playfulness in the realisation of the teacher training.
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