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Start date: Jan 4, 2016, End date: Jul 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The children called their interest in our mind computer technology, internet, telephone and television are the most commonly come. Technology is positive as well as negative aspects are also, of course. It should not be used because the technology does not exist in our thinking. Our goal is for children and youth of the Internet, computers and television for a long time to spend in the face of social, emotional and physical aspects is to provide students with the information that leads to problems. Especially in terms of being prevented from establishing communication hinders the socialization of children.Children following the violent images on television, it said life was very normal and are perceived as an acceptable part. Most studies of children's movies filled with the fear behavior showed that lead to increased violence messages. In addition, adverse effects such as depersonalization against aggression and violence is well known. Research conducted again fueling obesity, excessive dependence on technology, it has revealed that predispose to disease. Age is one of our most powerful mass media sources from computers and the Internet into our lives all of a sudden, informed today, transaction processing, communications, educational and entertainment functions is an inevitable fact that it is an integral part of our lives. Internet is the fact that there is great benefit in students' education. In particular, doing homework, doing research brings great conveniences of a new issue. Can learn new information through the Internet, it is to find new materials for school projects. Benefits and attractiveness of the internet that is open, but also some disadvantages in terms of the child, even brings dangers with it. We have our children about these problems with our projects, we want our young people to have their own information. However, "come to the streets" we set out with the motto of our children we will entrust our future in our project, which we see as a legacy to leave the culture of our young people the importance of starting to replay the game we want to communicate to them. Because the game is the most natural and active learning environment for children. For children we stated that this game is so important and useful, researching them, to observe, explore, and develop new skills without worrying about failure are well aware of the new reality and will provide the opportunity to take different roles. And those of our participants, our local, we want to communicate to many people we can reach with our stakeholders.Our learning methods will be used in the project intensively game. Participants will be our projects have brought new dimensions to learning theory only information they receive by using interactive methods. Experiential learning activities with which the basic elements of our next formal education to contribute to the learning process of our participants will have completed their own learning processes. Our young people; working together with teamwork, the team that, acting together for the same purpose will also have the opportunity to experience what it means. In addition, the group will organize evaluation meetings with leaders of the country every evening. Thus, we have learned of the group whether there is a need for timely or distress. Through them, we will make the transfer will be made once the necessary arrangements in. In addition, each sub-group workshop employees in the operation by the evaluation day with their group and follow the direction of the point will be found in the daily tracking what stage in the study. These groups will enable them to work in harmony.A big thanks to our partners and the most important elements of social media through which the power output of our project which will reach as much as young people in their local environment as well as online. This means that about addiction is that digital will not be limited only by our awareness of the participants. Participants will carry their young in their knowledge and awareness of the environment, including family and friends when they return to their countries in the first place. Our participants rapidly growing technology on children and young people informed about the physical and psychological effects that will only be an issue closely related to our not all developing countries. In addition, tolerance and empathy-based social perceptions will occur. Lost child playing games with the local children will be returned to their childhood.Our project will include 41 participants. The profiles of experienced and knowledgeable persons about the childhood game kids games. With knowledge and skills in preparing visual aids, health, technology and related issues such as addiction, or not willing to do work for individuals, with an interest and desire to work and non-formal education will be limited Opportunity persons

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