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Start date: Jul 10, 2016, End date: Nov 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

KIN BALL Association proposes PLAY LIKE ME, a dynamic multilateral exchange, framed in the Erasmus + program and developed together with our partners from France, Estonia, Italy, Portugal and Lithuania, which will take place in the town of Medina del Campo the days 17-25 August 2016 and where 50 participants aged between 18 and 30 years from different countries will take part in.Through this exchange, the involved associations, we want to convey the idea of how the practice of a sport can benefit in countless ways to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, whatever kind it may be, and largely benefit the proper social integration, while enabling a group of young people enjoying the opportunity to live the experience of participate in a project with an European dimension where they can meet other people, cultures, countries, cuisine and history in a multicultural and friendly atmosphere ; and where, thanks to the knowledge acquired during the exchange, they may speak and think critically about these issues.To do this, for 9 days at the Youth Hostel of Medina del Campo, workshops, activities, lectures, debates, cultural games and icebreakers, presentations, simulation games, meetings, entertainment, exhibitions, group dynamics, nights will be developed cultural traditions and lots of different activities that will shape the exchange. All these activities, to which should be added various cultural tours in which participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of our country, tradition and culture, will have as maximum early use based on non-formal education methods, work team, active participation, exchange of ideas, removing barriers, multiculturalism, social inclusion and respect for the other to get a memorable and development beneficial to all parties involved in it.We are almost certain that the exchange will meet the targets and thereby get a big impact at different levels:On a personal level, the results and impact will be visible in each of the people involved in the project. Every day, with the workshops and activities proposed, there will be a growing awareness and reflections derived from it, this will make a springboard to generate interesting discussions in which everyone can contribute something while learning. In addition, this will generate a "blast" within the inner circle to each of these people to return to their homes, where friends, family, acquaintances, etc. They will become multipliers within this impact. We hope that in the member associations and local entities environmental impact of such partnerships is large enough to allow generating a possible second part of the project, hand in some of them derived from the inspiration of the participants taking part in PLAY LIKE ME and preferably as an initiative of some of the participants of our exchange, something we would see that we have achieved the desired impact at the level we seek.Each of the PLAY LIKE ME project partners, we believe in the short-term benefits generated by the project, but what we are really looking for, are long-term benefits. The long-term benefits, starting with the simplest, could simply be creating new projects of social integration and inclusion, carried out by any of the associations involved in this exchange, although the ideal, what we all want, thanks to the expansion of contacts and the generation of synergies arising from such exchanges, would create a consolidated inclusion projects for disabled people, through which increasingly could expand more and more the field of action, starting with small local projects and go up “stairs” to get to generate a real national plan for inclusion through sport.
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