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Play for Improvability
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Play for Improvability” is training course developed on the following premises: • unemployment is the key burning issue among young people in Europe • youth work has been identified as one of the key approaches in dealing with this issue, since it develops competences that cannot be gained elsewhere • most youth workers are still struggling to understand the link between youth work and employability • there is a lack of tools (methods, approaches) in linking youth work to employability • nonformal education offers creative potential to develop new tools that would stay true to your work, but at the same time increase young people’s employability • nonformal education can equip and empower young people not only for future employment, but also for all aspects of social interaction. Having all that in mind, the main aim was to strengthen the role of youth work in fighting unemployment of young people through development of new nonformal education tools that would increase their employability. Specific objectives were: • To gain understanding of youth work as a powerful tool for empowerment and personal development of young people; • To share realities of youth work and employability in participants’ communities and approaches that have worked in bringing them together; • To develop understanding and ability to match needs of young people on one side and job markets on the other; • To increase ability to asses competences of young people and develop tools that would build up on their existing competences and develop ones that are missing for their future employment; • To develop practical competencies in designing and applying new tools of nonformal education for employability in youth work; • To increase the level of creativity, innovation, self confidence and trust in nonformal educational tools; • To recognise the value and increase the ability to use Erasmus+ programme in increasing the employability of young people; • To contribute to a long term change in educational approach to employability in youth work field. “Improveability” was addressed to 27 youth workers, who are dedicated to working with young people in their local reality, have the basic knowledge of facilitation of non-formal learning processes, have a desire to apply their competences in developing new nonformal education tools that would increase the employability of young people and are supported by their respective organisations in applying their competencies and newly developed tools in working with young people. Knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participants increased to support young people in recognising the link between competencies gained through youth work and their employability. The participants now have more confidence to experiment with different tools and approaches to developing competencies for employability of young people they are working with. By improving our participants' competencies, we improved their future practice and thus impacting positively on the work of their organisations. In turn, the young people, beneficiaries of partner organisations, also benefited from increased employability. They will have new tools that would help them recognise and develop their competences and link them to their employability and advantage in the labour market.

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