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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"PLAY DIFFERENT" is a youth exchange that will take place in Puente Genil (Cordoba, Spain) from __ to ___ November 2016. This project will involve 30 young people between 18 and 30 years from ________This project comes after observing that more and more young people are immersed in new technologies, abuse them to dangerous levels, even reaching new mental diseases appear because of the absence of smartphones. This, coupled with early drug use as alcohol, tobacco or cannabis, has made from this partnership skip the alarm for seeking a healthier alternative entertainment for this sector. We think that a very serious international problem and should be actively mitigated.Today, young people are going through a not very favorable situation regarding non-formal education for the use of technologies. Many young people leave books aside to focus on their smartphones, tablets, game consoles and computers, and rarely for educational purposes. Social networks, especially, have made a dent in this social group to the extent of creating an addiction, always be connected, available and share everything we do. It is a continuous virtual life in which young people, perhaps because of problems in their reality, they take refuge daily until more than four hours a day (data Ditrendia, "Ditrendia Report: Mobile in Spain and the world"). All this, added to refuge in drugs from an early age, it has made young people valued little or not find many other ways to have fun."PLAY DIFFERENT" intends that young people take the course of their reality and are aware of the problems posed by drug abuse and new technologies: truancy, lack of motivation, low self-confidence, dependency, etc. This project will show it, other avenues of fun, alternative entertainment to those virtual realities and above all, a healthier leisure boost creativity, social inclusion and self-confidence.To do this, based on the analysis of the current reality of these problems activities will take place, they will be made to see the dangers and will be shown through activities, games and exercises, how to have fun otherwise. The aim will be to make them aware that other paths are possible, show them the importance of non-formal education on human values, teach proper use of new technologies, the dangers of drug use, promote the active participation individually and group in order to strengthen their self-esteem against real life, but above all, the objective is to have fun in a healthy way sharing cultures of different countries.For the execution of these activities will take place a methodology in which prevail peer learning, interactive and constructive discussions, presentations related to new technologies, simulation games and dramatization and of course creativity you are at the base of each and each of the activities.With all this, the results we expect are related to greater autonomy and self-confidence to face the real world and improve personal values. We also intend that this project will serve as a basis for the implementation of future projects both participating partners like any other European or non-European partner, because we want to become a good practice internationally.Besides this, once the project is completed we intend to ensure continuity in the long term because we want to make various workshops where results are exploited and other young people have the opportunity to draw conclusions and make new contributions to those already made. Therefore, this can lead to an improvement in awareness and values not only of the young participants, but any young person interested in the project and want to change your reality.
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