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Play different, play capoeira! - Capoeira and outdoor activities for collaboration and intercultural understanding
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Aug 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Play different, play capoeira! represents extension of previously conducted project for youth workers that was based on developing tools and methods in work with youth with fewer opportunities (Capoeira as a tool in working with youth with fewer opportunities). In this project we are focused on youth and development of their own skills and potentials. Specifically, we are focused on development of collaboration and understanding among youth in order to raise their awareness of abilities they have in creating more collaborating environment in their own communities. Objectives are as follows: • to get acquainted with different European cultures, with their differences and similarities • to promote intercultural dialogue • to improve foreign language competences • to improve digital competencies • to form a youth group composed of individuals with different backgrounds in which participants will develop mutual understanding and collaboration • to accomplish group tasks in order to develop group cohesion • to recognize own and other's strengths and abilities • to think of ways in which understanding and collaboration could be promoted in own community • to encourage more active participation in society • to reinforce cooperation and communication between different organizations • to increase quality in the preparation and implementation of EU projects 30 participants aged 14-21 will participate in his project. There will be 5 participants from each organization, accompanied by 1 youth leader. At least 2 and at most 3 of the participants wil be youth with fewer opportunities. Main methods used in this project will be methods of non-formal education, such as group work, discussion, experiential learning, presentation, role playing etc. As a main tools we will use capoeira and outdoor activities Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art which combines elements of martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music through playing in non-violent enviroment. It helps to develop self-discipline and sense of responsibility, as well as to build up self-confidence and self-esteem. Capoeira promotes prosocial behaviors and teaches how to control emotions in different situations. Exposure to nature has positive effect on people, and in combination with group work it creates environment that facilitates different changes and positive outcomes. Outdor activities promote intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, physical strength, and coordination, as well as provide opportunities for relaxation. Activities that are going to be conducted are as follows: a) Group building activities b) Workshop - forming a group c) Capoeira training d) Group work on presentation e) Presentation of organization f) Workshop - intercultural diversity/similarity g) Capoeira training + communication h) Intercultural evening i) Workshop - key for a change j) Capoeira then and now – historical overview k) Workshop – promoting collaboration & understanding l) Music workshop m) Capoeira evening n) Workshop – in someone else’s shoes o) Workshop – closure p) Performance preparation At the end of the youth exchange, participants will have experience of work in intercultural environment, they will improve their understanding of different individuals and groups and learn that collaboration is possible even among different people. They will improve their communication skills and be encouraged to develop collaboration and understanding in their own organizations and communities. Participants will improve their digital competences, as well as mother and foreign language competences. Partner organizations will reinforce their collaboration and communication, which will have positive impact on quality of preparation and implementation of EU projects. On local level, participants will bring multicultural diversity and foreign language in life of small community where activity will take place. On regional, national and international level project will have impact since we will document youth exchange and create report on project that will be available on webpage to everyone who is interested in youth work. Since this is international exchange, youth from different countries will implement what they have learned into their own organizations and communities, which will make impact on international/European level. Since we will encourage young people to actively promote understanding and collaboration in their own communities and to take more active part in affecting their environment, potential long term benefits are development of understanding and collaboration among young people in organizations that were involved in project. Moreover, young people will be motivated to create new projects directed towards increase of mutual understanding and collaboration among people, and wellbeing in general.
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