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Play Commerce - game-based training for better management in retail networks
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Commerce is often an entry point into the labour market; more than 20% Europeans aged 15-25 worked in the sector in 2012. Franchising has proven to promote the creation of enterprises and small-business ownership; The share of employment in these enterprises is 10.8% Italy, Spain and Poland are among countries wher franchize systems ar the most numerous (research by European Franchize Federation). Currently 32 % of all retail employees including managers are unskilled or semi-skilled. Big problem is a mismatch between the skills needs of companies and those of Staff in the retail sector (Towards more efficient and fairer retail services …”,COM(2010)355) The EU system of continuous VET for Retail networks lack efficient and effective training tools. Board games have been used for in-corporate settings for about ten years, but are not yet in broad use. The project will last 24 months. The partnership is made up of 4 institutions from Poland, Italy and Spain with different backgrounds, experience and specialization. The partners will work within 7 WPs. Each WP (related to output development) involves every partner in a process of elaboration under substantive supervision of Output Leader The aim of the project is to facilitate leveling mismatches between labour force skills and the skill needs of the retail sctor, through enhancing quality and relevance of contiuing vocational education and trainig (CVET) offer for retail networks in 3 partners countries by the 31.08.2016. This aim will be achieved by achievins specific goals: G1: Improve capabilities of 30 people working in organizations offering training services for retail sector by teaching them how to use new game-based training methodology. G2: Increase attractivenes of trainings for retail sector by providing at least retail networks or/and training organizations with new board-game based training methodology and tools linking education and entertainment, introducing innovative approaches. G3: Facilitating increase of entrepreneurial approach and improvement of managerial competences specific for running business in retail networks (agency, franchize), thorugh development of comprehensive training programmes and learning materials involving ICT G4: Increase labour market relevance of learning provision , involvement of important business actors from commerce sector in development of methodology and learning materials. G5: Raising awareness among at least 170 retail networks and/or VET providers on effectiveness of the proposed game-based training methodology and related tools in leveling mismatches between skills needs of retail sector and of potential entrepreneurs. The partners will produce 5 intelectual outputs: O1 PlayCommece board game - a tool for providing trianing services specifically for entrepreneurs in retail networks O2Training package: board-game based training methodology for retail networks (franchize AND agencies) incorporating innovative teaching methods, aproaches, tools , - blended-learnign training modules for agencies and franchizees, - education materials (mini lectures) supporting trainers-moderators in their work O3 - E-learning knowledge pills for entrepreneurs in retail networks who participate in trainings O4 Elaboration of train the trainer package for future trainers-moderators who will use the board game methodology: - programme of blended training for game moderators/trainers, - e-learning for moderators/trainers on game-based teaching methodology O5 Handbook for retail network operators and training providers explaining benefits of use of the board-game methodolgy in trainings for SME functioning in the retail network (franchise of agency network) The main target group constists of internal trainer, who work for retail network companies (such as HDS, Zara, etc.) and for trainers working for training providers for retail sector. The other group which benefit from the project will be of course entrepreneurs operating business in networks, managers and deputy managers of franchise and agency network business. Indirectly project will influence VET policy makers who will raise awareness on new treaining methodology applied in teaching people in retail networks. Impact levels: • Organizational, i.e.: increased experience of partners’ organizations in transnational projects) • Local, i.e.: strenghtening cooperation between business organizations and training providers, raised potential of SME through better skills of entrepreneurs in retail networks • National, i.e.: teaching methodology and tools can contribute to national policy level for support bussinees owners skills development • European: contribution to EU policies, strengthening cooperation between enterprises and learning organizations in project partners’ countries, which may influence designing more market-related trainings
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