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Plastic-S-kills - Die Plastiktüte zwischen Kult und Katastrophe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Plastic(s)kills" is neatly connected to slowenian EU- commissioners Janez Potocnik initiative of incentivating the legal possibilities towards a prohibition of plastic bags in the EU member states. The title of the project refers to the claim of forbidding plastic bags in accordance with its motto "plastic kills", while it also indicates the technical and intellectual "skills" to be developed during the project. These are determined in artistic and creative fields ("plastic arts", exhibitions) in the promotion of media skills (research, internet, web- design, event organization, public relation, etc.) and in the area of knowledge on the topic of "plastic waste" (research and reading skills) caused by plastic bags. Furthermore the project intends to improve the language skills of the participants (communication with native speakers). The aim of the project is to promote public awareness and evoke a change of consumers behaviour concerning the use of plastic bags. The target groups are pupils, school communities, primary schools and the local and national societies. The primary product is an exhibition of 10-15 informative panels dedicated to the desasterous effects on the environment caused by using plastic bags but also on the history, esthetic aspects, production and the significance of plastic bags for industry and commerce. This exhibition will be produced in different languages to be employed in each of the partner countries. The inauguration of the exhibition during the last meeting will be supported by a cultural and informative fringe event. This event contains a round table discussion with participants of the industry, politicians and ecological activists/organizations, a fashion show, an exhibition of plastic bags, fotos, a documentary movie on the project. All other activities of the project, which are realized in four meetings and the time between those meetings, lead to this final event and its primary product. They are based on two aspects: First the research on all aspects (industrial, commercial, environmental, artistical) of the plastic bag and the production of informative material and texts and secondly the realization of events and activities to inform and include the target groups concerning a more responsable use of the plastic bag and to support a possible prohibition in the member states. The project aims to increase the ecological conscience of its participants and their target groups and incentivate in particular the interest and personal engagement of pupils whiche oppose to classical forms of learning. The practical, actual and realistic topic as well as the teaching methods (pupils as environmental experts, pupils as activists, pupils as event organizers, pupils as PR- managers) promises a high level of personal envolvement. The teachers role also changes to that of an assistant and organizer and sometimes observer. The pupils from Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Repuplic, Turkey and Croatia share one mission, that of changing the consumers attitude of using too many plastic bags and to support the EU initiative of Janez Potocnik. By doing that they will overcome intercultural differences and strengthen their european identity.
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