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Plasma Physics and Applications
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

HiPER is a proposed European High Power laser Energy Research facility dedicated to demonstrating the feasibility of laser driven fusion as a future green energy source. HiPER is being designed to enable a broad array of new science including extreme material studies, astrophysics in the laboratory, miniaturised particle accelerators and a wide range of fundamental physics research. The existence of highly educated scientists and engineers in Laser Plasma Physics and Technology is a key point for bringing HiPER into society and at the same time giving the opportunity to new scientists to enter the exciting field of laser matter interactions. The main focus of the programme will be to develop a curriculum for a Master degree course, offering the students of various European Universities the interlink between pure science and advanced technological applications. Very few universities run postgraduate courses in the above related topics, and the need for supporting an ambitious effort such as HiPER with highly qualified scientists is very high. As a result, the collaborating universities have decided to develop a common postgraduate course to train young scientists to become experts in the field of Plasma Physics - Laser plasma interactions with applications to Fusion Science and Technology. The financial aid from EU is requested, as the cost of developing and run such a course is high and cannot be covered by the partner universities. This proposal acts as the first phase of the project while the second phase will involve an application of a grant from the Erasmus Mundus program. The project will contribute to teaching staff mobility and at the same time will give the opportunity to the students to do their final project in the research labs of the collaborating universities. TEI of Crete will act as the coordinating institution due to its high experience in managing and implementing Erasmus Programmes.

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