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Planning for Real

Our rationale was to address the issue how all sections of European society could engage effectively in policy making in new and innovative ways. Whilst many EU citizens had disengaged from formal politics there was a surge of grass-root, often single issue engagement in policy making. Our actions provided a way to tackle the aims of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014 -2020 on community-led local development as a way to encourage local communities to develop integrated bottom-up approaches, build community capacity and stimulate innovation and promote community ownership by increasing participation.Our Aim to transfer a proven and recognized community engagement and consultation tool used in the UK Planning for Real (PFR), in a variety of consultation settings with a multi faceted, culturally and economically diverse and experienced partnership from the UK Turkey France Italy and Poland. This aligned with a dedicated dissemination and exploitation strategy to promote the approach and inform future actions. Briefly our Objectives and Outcomes included - Develop Transfer and adapt the skills and competencies of PFR to at least 4 other EU countries - Create a practical transferable package for PFR to improve the skills of professionals, community based personnel and members of the community -Train eight lead facilitators, 40 support facilitators in PFR and engage at least 200 members of the community in a real time and practical PFR- Establish an EU transnational network to disseminate and publicise the programme during and post project lifecyclePartners brought diverse experience from public and private geographic and cultural perspectives.Pistes–Solidaires (France), a community development organisation was lead applicant and coordinated the overall management. Accord Housing (UK) as holder of PFR developed the product with the partners and tested it with them in France, Italy, Poland, Turkey. Euro Innovanet (Italy) a research and cultural specialist company lead a baseline needs analysis. Nornir UK (UK) an innovative ICT social enterprise oversaw monitoring and quality assurance planning. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality from Turkey coordinated the dissemination actions. Wojewodztwo Dolnoslakie, a public spatial planning body, lead our Exploitation actions. Impact was envisaged with target groups, sectors and geographically at local, national and EU level. This included direct engagement of more than 200 individuals to participate in relevant PFR community consultation events; the up skilling of 48 facilitators trained during the project; direct engagement with local, regional and national bodies during the project via targeted dissemination and exploitation activities: increased awareness by training institutions professionals and members of the community of an effective locally-based community consultation proven in different environments that informed wider policy and strategy development.
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