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Plan to Establish Research-Science-Enterprise oriented Universities for the benefit of Society

This project aims at establishing a structured liaison between higher education institutions and enterprises for Research, Development and Innovation The specific objectives are: "The establishment of a structured liaison between higher education institutions and enterprises with the support of the state authoritiesThe dissemination of European regional experience studies and preparation of documents necessary for enhancing the interaction between University-Enterprises and developing learning regions, with the support of the National States in Central Asia.The development of Research, Development and Innovation Centers in each local institution with concrete research and innovation action plans.The elaboration of a Transnational Research Database that serves to prepare future regional research projects throughout the integration of a regional network of specialized Research Development and Innovation units in Central Asia.The introduction of combined research activities between enterprises and universities and the participation of representatives from the industry in educational activities."
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  • Education and training\External Programmes and Policies\TEMPUS\Tempus Structural Measure - Higher Education and Society
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

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