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Start date: May 31, 2010,

The project aims at creating an infrastructure whose name will be Euromediterranean Research Centre for the Mobility of Artists that is a structured and permanent network of resources, places and expertise. Specific objectives of the project are: - exchange and development of professional and specific expertise in the field of Performing Arts, by using innovative methodologies and techniques of creation and production with reference to European and International models ( artistic residences in historical and architectural contexts of interest)- full increasing value of both material and immaterial resources of target districts in order to overcome unbalanced situations among different geographical areas and develop an intercultural dialogue (South/North, East/West) and among different actors (public and private institutions) - diffusion of methodologies of work based on interdisciplinarity of knowledge, expertise and contents of creativity, innovation and quality. Foreseen activities: 1) Transnational coordination of partners but also of creativities, monitoring and evaluation of results included 2) 'movable residences' which foresee exchange between staff of each partner organisation 3) production residencies open to exchanges with artists and outcoming professionals 4) circulation of art works and artists thanks to 5 stages of a touring festival. The project will produce a growing creative capital that will consequently be a positive factor in quality of life, will produce a platform of knowlegde and expertise suitable for and transferable to wider contexts, will contribute to the building of an innovative network of places, human resources and expertise able to work as a model in performing arts (artistic creation andproduction), will improve use and fruition of material and immaterial cultural resources, will give positive feed-back and a growth of employment and employees in the field of services for performing arts.

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