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PIRIS-Projeto Inovação, Reflexão, Intervenção e Sustentabilidade
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Under the logic of a smart growth until 2020, we are looking for training courses and innovative and strategic partnerships, to achieve more ambitious targets for the horizon of our organization. A project which already starts within an European view is constituted as a launching pad, as an inspiring action and as the reflection of our school. The school may change when the conflict is seen as a constructive and challenging experience. The aim of our school and educational community is to achieve a culture where sharing /exchanging and learning are seen as good practices when joined and that together they you get good quality of education for everyone. Our project is entitled PIRIS - Innovation, Reflection, Intervention and Sustainability. Our school wants to develop a transformative process in school and in the surrounding medium. Therefore, investment in strengthening the several leaderships, within the school, is very important in order to be inspiring, aggregating and easier to achieve the desired changes. It is important to have the right people, in the right place and at the right time to reflect on education on its various dimensions and aspects. Our intention is that the project PIRIS will be dynamic and flexible, like the society in which the school belongs to and with which it interacts. Working with, producing activities, sharing opinions and experiences with trainers and teachers from different European countries and being “in loco” with other cultures, enables us to acquire a European dimension, and a respect towards methodological, cultural and linguistic diversity of different stakeholders. Staff in the project are leaders in the school in several departments from management to middle management bodies, leadership positions that require the management of interpersonal relationships. In the mediation of conflicts staff needs to be able to be reflexive, efficient, and the school must be able to intervene within the educational community with good practices. The objectives of PIRIS serve to fill the gaps diagnosed emerging from a number of weaknesses listed in the educational project of the school, associated with actions to develop within the institution. Among these we highlight the following: improve student achievement; ensure educational equity in the community; diversify the courses offered by the school in order to promote and facilitate the integration and success of students; promote the continuous training of the educational community; promote sustainable development; streamline curriculum enrichment activities that cover different areas of interest and expertise. The themes worked in the training courses will be disseminated to staff, students and other people within the community through training activities, conferences, seminars, leaflets and questionnaires in digital or paper format, opinion articles and reports. The use of information and communication technologies, namely, email, internet, digital technologies for the capture and editing of images and sounds, will be a constant. All the subjects discussed and learnt will be presented either transversely or on a interdisciplinary level, always having as main objective the dissemination on a European dimension and on intercultural dialogue related to didactics , active and practical methodologies and intercultural experiences. Teachers will be available to participate and collaborate with local, regional, national and European institutions, either in person or using new technologies, including Etwining platform among others. The team aims to encourage international exchanges as well as future cooperation between partners and contribute for the development of innovative practices in school, especially directed to staff, students, assistants, parents and other people who are directly or indirectly related to our school, using the strategy called PIRIS.

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