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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PIMEN 3 is a Lille-based education authority consortium involved in vocational training placement in Europe. First created in September 2011, PIMEN_aan is a collaborative work platform dedicated to promoting and offering apprentices, students and staff from the Académie de Lille the chance to experience a vocational training placement or professional development in Europe. The académie of Lille first applied as a consortium in 2013 and 2014, contributing to meeting the demand and needs from training organisations in the académie. This new consortium project, bring together 17 VET organisations in the académie of Lille, all members of the PIMEN_aan platform. The project aims at the participating schools by: 1- assisting the new members of the consortium referring to existing skills developed in former projects in order to reach a greater number of leaners and staff members - 2- building and developing the opportunity for the authority and the members of the consortium to bring an international and European dimension into education and training - 3- adding value to the professional pathway and helping vocational schools reduce dropping - 4- taking part in school guidance activities run by the consortium members and aimed at promoting professional education and the mobility programme within their sector - 5- creating and /or sustaining partnerships between vocational schools in Europe and partnerships with the business sector The project aims at the learners by: 1- developing autonomy, entrepreneurship, and will for success - 2- developing cultural, language and professional skills 3- building European citizenship - 4- making new sense of professional and language learning The PIMEN 3 project has collected the mobility calls of 480 participants from the 17 schools within the authority of Lille. Most of them are under age (16-17 aged youngsters). European mobility is offered to young students who have never been away from their families or have never travelled abroad but are really determined to improve their work and language skills in a European company. Preparation activities are carried out by the mobility coordinating teacher in the sending and hosting school. The GIP (Groupement d’Intérêt Public:) is the applicant organisation in charge of the administrative and financial management of the project. It manages and coordinates the ERASMUS+ funds within the académie, signs conventions with the partners, writes balance sheets, takes part in the steering group. The DAREIC (Department of International Education Affairs) writes and submits the application e-form aligning to the needs expressed and mentioned by the sending schools , it coordinates the project with the GIP(steering groups managing, team working, educational reports writing …). It ensures that the consortium PIMEN3 project building and developing process will match and contribute to meeting the objectives of the project and the authority, the educational objectives of the schools. The role of the sending partners in the project managing: Relaying information to the GIP and DAREIC, preparing the participants, supporting and following up the mobility activities, evaluating and enhancing the project, taking part in the reports, updating the website The supervisor in the hosting company will check and monitor the work programme and progress during mobility. An accompanying person will be in charge of validating the skills mastering with and in the company. Results sharing and dissemination will take place within the school: commitment to quality of the partnership, skills mastering, feed-back on benefits from mobility experience, communication activities within and towards the educational community and the authority organisations (GIP and DAREIC). Influence and valorisation outside the school: promoting the ERASMUS+ programme through activities and results to be enhanced and disseminated within the authority. The expected impact and results: 1/ For the participants: skills mastering in an international context and validation process (language, professional, social and cultural skills, analysing the situation abilities, communication skills, European citizenship development). For mobility recognition, the participants will be given incentive to present and fulfil achievement of the optional mobility unit - 2/ For training staff: mastering organisation skills, language and cultural communication skills. Improving team, cross sectors and schools work - 3/ For the authority: developing PIMEN_aan platform influence at the regional and national levels by sharing and collecting data with and towards training schools inEurope, by increasing the number of staff training abroad and partnerships between European VET. The dissemination of the PIMEN3 project results will be performed via PIMEN-aan platform website. Information about the PIMEN3 project will be relayed on the regional, trans-boarding and European partners of the académie.
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