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Piezoelectric Assisted Smart Satellite Structure (PEASSS)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the PEASSS project is to develop, manufacture, test and qualify “smart structures” which combine composite panels, piezoelectric materials, and next generation sensors, for autonomously improved pointing accuracy and power generation in space. The smart panels will enable fine angle control, and thermal and vibration compensation, improving all types of future Earth observations, such as environmental and planetary mapping, border and regional imaging. This new technology will help keep Europe on the cutting edge of space research, potentially improving the cost and development time for more accurate future sensor platforms including synthetic aperture optics, moving target detection and identification, and compact radars.The system components include new nanosatellite electronics, a piezo power generation system, a piezo actuated smart structure, and a fiber-optic sensor and interrogator system. The designs will be prototyped into breadboard models for functional development and testing. Following completion of operational breadboards, components will evolve to flight-test ready hardware and related software, ready to be integrated into a working satellite. Once the nanosatellite is assembled, on ground tests will be performed. Finally, the satellite will be launched and tested in space.Results of the program will be disseminated to industry through a project website, papers, courses, and presentations. Actuated “smart structure” technology will take the first steps toward space qualification in the PEASSS project, making it a proven viable technology, with a high TRL available to improve future European space missions. PEASSS technologies will give European space, aviation, and other industries a new tool in their design repertoire. The PEASSS consortium aligns established aerospace contributing organizations with SME’s and university researchers, including members from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, as well as Israel.
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