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Photonic-plasmonic hybrid for optical switching and biosensing application (PHOTON-PLASMONHYB)
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of this proposal is on exploring the synergy of the two cores of nanophotonics technologies, i.e., silicon photonics and plasmonics, which have been identified as one of the key competitiveness of European research and economic sectors. [The Leverage Effect of Photonics Technologies: the European Perspective. By European Commission]The project addresses hybrid structure composing of a silicon microring (MR) or microdonut (MD) resonator coupled with a plasmonic nanoantenna. The presence of the nanoantenna, with its controllable and enhanced local electromagnetic fields, will allow controlling the optical properties of MR or MD via near-field coupling, but which is achievable through far-field excitation. Many degrees of control over the optical property of the MR or MD are achievable via the polarisation state of the far-field source, and size, shape, orientation and placement of the nanoantenna with respect to the MR or MD. The underlying physics behind the photon-plasmon coupling will be investigated with an aim of achieving design rules for photonic-plasmonic hybrid structure. Furthermore, the proposed hybrid structure will be demonstrated for use as an optical switch and a biosensor.The generated research outcomes will be relevant to the EU in two main respects: first, they will help advance the fundamental knowledge concerning the physics behind the coupling between silicon photonic structure and plasmonic nanoantenna, which will strengthen the position of EU as the world’s leader in the field, towards making it the hub of scientific research and, second, the design has potential for intellectual property protection, thus, enhance EU’s industrial competitiveness by giving its an edge in the marketplace.
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