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Photonic Hybrid ASsembly Through FLEXible waveguides (PHASTFlex)
Start date: Jan 1, 2014, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PHASTFLEX proposes the development of a fully automated, high precision, cost-effective assembly technology for next generation hybrid photonic packages. In hybrid packages, multiple Photonic ICs (PICs) are assembled, combining the best of different material platforms for a wide range of applications and performance. In PHASTFlex, InP PICs with active functions are combined with passive TriPleX PICs.PIC fabrication can now be done in a generic foundry-based process, bringing PIC cost within the scope of many applications (~10-100€). However, current assembly and packaging technology leads to custom-engineered solutions; packaging is an order of magnitude more expensive, and this, is a major bottle-neck to market penetration. The EU Photonics21's SRA calls "new approaches to packaging" a key challenge.The most demanding assembly task for multi-port PICs is the high-precision (±0.1μm) alignment and fixing of waveguides. PHASTFlex proposes an innovative concept, in which the waveguides in the TriPleX PIC are released during fabrication to make them movable. Actuators and fixing functions, integrated in the same PIC, place and fix the flexible waveguides in the optimal position (peak out-coupled power).The project aims to develop a complete assembly process and tooling to implement this concept, including pre-assembly using solder reflow and automated handling, and on-chip micro-fabricated fine-alignment and fixing functions. Fully automated cost-effective and high-performance solutions will also encourage photonic packaging to be carried out in EU economies. Proof of the concept will be given by assembly of prototypes for end-user applications.The consortium consists of 9 partners (7 industrial, of which 2 provide applications, 2 are universities), and are all recognised leading industrial and research entities in the photonics components and systems industry. The project duration is 36 months, the total cost is ~3.9M€, the requested EU contribution is ~2.8M
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