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Photo in your Life
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the project Photo in your Life organized from non-formal group Cardio Youngs involved advance planning visit and youth exchange for youngsters in age 17 – 25 years from Slovakia, Czech republic (Partner: SVČ Ivančice) and Poland (Partner: Instytut Dziedzicstwa Kruswicy). In APV (29.-31.5.2015 in Bratislava) participated delegate from fourth country: Austria (Partner: GEMMA) too, but shortly before exchange this organization deleted participation in case of lack of participants. At APV we agreed at organizational things, program and preparation before exchange. In exchange we had 36 people together in accordance of primary plan, but from each country came more people, instead of Austrians. Exchange taked place in date 20. – 29.7.2015 in pension Šafran in village Ždiar. Participants from Slovakia were mostly youngsters from non-formal group Cardio Youngs, which connectes young people with cardiology disaeses, with fewer opportunities. Part of participants reacted at message in the Internet, because were interested in topic of exchange. Participants came mostly young people, who reacted after message in internet or after message in their organisations. Exchange with topic Photo in your Life was focusing on taking photo, virtual behavior, media and selfpresentation in the Internet. Basis of exchange was in needs of young people, who today have got almost everybody unlimited access to Internet, they are subordinate to influance, they present in social networks and taking photos with mobile phone or with camera has been never easier as today. This situation leads young people to taking photos and uploading whatever photos, to have account on social network, but at the same time a lot of youngsters don´t know how to behave in the Internet. This unconvenient virtual behavior and selfpresentation can later them damage when they are looking for a job, because today personnel proffessional are begining to check candidates in the Internet already. Problem, which we resolved, it´s: unconveniet virtual behavior and selfpresentation, lack of knowledges and skills of taking photos, uncritical view at the media. From these came out mainly goals of project: - from area of taking photos – to learn about taking photos common photos better (composition, light, time... technic), to gain to another attitude to photo as to art, to find out about possibilities of presentation of photos - from area of virtual behavior – to learn to differentiate between conventient and unconventient behavior in the Internet, to find out about save behavior - from area of the media – to gain critical view at the news and advertisements in the media, to find out how advertisements uses photos - from area of employment – to find out, of what we must beware in behavior in the Internet, to become aware of, that our virtual identity can help us but damage too in looking for job, to increase chances in the employment throuhg right curiculum vitae and selfpresentation Every days we during exchange we had activitie to achieve our goals on morning and on afternoon time block. Evenings we had more free with funny activities like intercultural evening, quiz, movie night, creative workshop, barbecue... We used a lot of methods of non-formal education (with examples of activities): role playing (about virtual behavior), outdoor activities (to history and kindes of photography, open air gallery), group works (about influence of the media, photography as art), brainstorming, discussion, presentation, competitions, evaluations methods, buzz groups, energizers, icebreakers... The important part of program were photoworkshops focused on work with camera, work with ISO, time, apertute, composition, tips and tricks by taking pictures. We were in one-day excursion (rafts at Dunajec, museum in nature and castle in Stará Ľubovňa) and one half-day exkursion (Vysoké Tatry) connected with practices on taking pictures in outdoor. We visited hobby photograph in Ždiar and we observed his photo gallery, mostly landscapes photos. Results and assumed impacts of project at participants are their better competences in more fields: they learnt to take photos better and to use photography in selfpresentation too, they though, what in the Internet is still conventient and what is too much, they became aware, that consequences their virtual behavior can catch up them in looking for job, at the advertisement and photo inside begin they look critical. On the end of exchange they created infobrochure with advices and tips for young people from area of taking photos, virtual behavior and presentation in the Internet. Longterm contribution we see on implementation results of project in partner-organisations, further spreading between young people not only in comunity of partner-organisations but too in international context through publishing of activities in the Internet in and through presenting in trainings for youth workers.
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