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PHOENIX – A New Model of Vocational Guidance for Young Disadvantaged Persons

The PHOENIX project will develop a guidance framework and support tools for effective skills measurement in working with underprivileged and disabled young persons. The skills measurement exercise, will allow the proposal of appropriate training and job placement for an individual by considering their starting point and will further allow monitor of the acquisition and development of skills. End project results will include a study relating to best practice in the field; a training needs analysis relating to the target group; a study on the guidance & counselling capabilities of companies; a handbook targeted at counsellors; software for the management and evaluation of guidance & counselling activities and an integrated curricula for counsellors, consultants and individual companies involved in skills evaluation. The primary target group of the project are young people in initial vocational training, particularly those with a social disadvantage or physical disability. Project results are also adressed to tutors and counsellors. Dissemination activities will comprise networking with relevant stakeholders, the establishment of a dedicated project website, the release of articles to press and journals and the hosting of an end project conference.
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