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Perspektiva mladih v navtični in elektro industriji (v ang: Youth perspective in Maritim and Electro industry)
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is designed for mobility of students and staff of Electro (technical) and Maritime School Piran (unit of GEPŠ). First and foremost, we want our students to upgrade their knowledge and gain additional skills through practical work in companies. Due to the specifics of the nautical (maritime) industry and the current economic situation Primorsko-Kraška region, we lack the domestic successful companies in which our students can test and practice their skills. Therefore, we want the project to enable working practices and trainings, following the principle of "learning by doing", which will give our students a new experience during their 4 -year education. We choose two country, Italy and Germany, as through our past activities we have established contacts with credible partners. We also assessed that the culture and working language could be suitable for our students. In addition to the mobility of students want to send on mobility a part of the teaching staff as well, because we believe they can gain new knowledge which will be used in the composition of an innovative curriculum and extra-curricular activities and in new methods of presenting educational content.GEPŠ is a relatively small school, in addition to Gymnasium program, and the program of Electro engineering, GEPŠ is offering the program which is the only one in the country - navigation technician. And in the maritime sector we face the most challenging conditions to find appropriate national employer. Example, students who are trained for deck officers, in the country there is only one shipping company is simply not enough. This puts the school in front of big problems - each student is in fact obliged to provide 8-week work placement (which carried out the 2nd and 3rd year). Any employer from other country is actually our second employer which can be possible subsequent employment. The very nature of the profession and the fact that in Slovenia there are no shipping companies, graduates of our school are obligate to seek employment abroad. Training through Erasmus+ mobility is actually the opportunity to find new contacts, which can be used for job seeking when graduated.The project will fulfill one of our visions to offer students the option of further education abroad. We are confident that project will bring students and teachers added value to the new knowledge and experience. We are a school that does not want to be stuck in the middle, but want to be in step with the times, we are aware of the importance of cooperation in international projects.The objectives of the project are: providing practical training to our students, to increase the employability of students, improve learning performance, improve career prospects and the opportunity to improve language skills, and awareness & acceptance of other cultures, to improve and increase the volume of cooperation between organizations, institutions and enterprises in Europe and to develop a long-term cooperation in the implementation of mobility, education and other areas, the last but not least - contribution to assemble an innovative curriculum and extra-curricular activities by the teaching staff and adaptation of educational content, oriented towards the needs of the market. At the training we want to send 52 GEPŠ students (30 students going to Italy, 22 in Germany) and 4 GEPŠ teachers.Students will also acquire professional competencies like upgrade foreign language skills, strengthen accountability, autonomy, teamwork, respect for peers and mentors, colleagues, upgraded knowledge of different habits, customs, cultures and increased tolerance to a different, strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem.By carrying out trainings with foreign employers will recognize the new working environment, the school acquired theoretical knowledge will be translated into practice in real workplaces. Working in a foreign company will be able to compare the work placement carried out in domestic enterprises and transfer good practice from abroad in domestic business and the school environment.After the motilities, students and teachers will gain new contacts, which will expand the network of social and professional partners, and the new references will be used in Curriculums. School will benefit from project as well, the reputation and will become more interesting and attractive for prospective students. Project is planned to be finished in two years. We will send each year on mobility approximately 30 students (20 Italy 10 Germany) and accompanying persons. The time limit is 3 weeks. Timetable of implementation of the project is approximately between 06/25/2016 and 05/31/2018.
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