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Personalised Sustainability Coaching for SMEs
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Plenty of SMEs would like to diminish their negative impact on the earth for environmental and economical reasons but aren't sure exactly how to do it as there is no comprehensive advice on the variety of possibilities and the use of renewable energy sources and specialized knowledge is not sufficiently available. On the other hand there is no single place guiding an SME as a potential sustainability enthusiast on how to start depending on its unique situation (financial capability, educational background, geographical location, etc.). The idea behind the current proposal is the implementation of a personalised training system for SMEs (Accommodation, Construction, Transport, Retail) to be able to eliminate their unsustainable ways and embrace new, greener habits. The aim is to offer personalised training to SMEs on the amount of carbon, energy, euros and other resources they expend through hundreds of choices and daily actions so as to diminish their negative impact on Earth. Following the completion of the training, SMEs will have a personalised unsustainable ways withdrawal plan. The main results of the project are:- 35 hours of SCORM compliant training material in 7 languages (EN,GR,PT,ES,IT,PL,NL), covering energy reduction in areas such as recycling and heating systems, electricity, paper consumption and transportation.- Test and assessment material and a certification scheme to promote Corporate Social Responsibility within SMEs- A tool for the automated creation of personalised unsustainable ways withdrawal plans- A customised eLearning platform (web and mobile) to support the training system- A set of best practices for the application of energy saving materials, tools and proceduresThe envisaged impact comprises the reduction of the carbon footprint of SMEs through the promotion of a Corporate Social Responsibility within SMEs rewarded by the "PeSCoS Certified" website badge signifying a reward for diminishing their negative impact on the planet.
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