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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context - background The theme of our project is to develop yourself by doing something good for someone else . There are several topics: the disabled, minorities and social dialogue . There is a big difference in the care and welfare in the various European lands. Our first youth exchange showed that the differences within Europe are great in the field of taking care for minorities in a country. ( theme of the exchange was anti - discrimination) . Basis on this information, we have devised this into a project, so that young people can develop by doing voluntary work in the Netherlands itself. Objectives of the project - Young people learn in ten days of each other's culture through activities and to enter into dialogue with each other . - Young people learn to know themselves better in ten days , to learn from each other and gain new insights into helping other people. - Young people learn in ten days to do volentary work for minorities (how you can help other people) . - Young people learn in ten days skills to discover their talents and develop. Number and profile of participants The participants will be in the age of 16-25 years ( which is the focus ). Six youngsters and one group leader from four countries will participate. The group will consist out of boys and girls (the same amount) and the diversity within the group will be large . We want different young people from different backgrounds involved in the project . Thinking of ( potential ) drop outs , youth who have had nothing to do with volunteer work, young people who are active as volunteers , etc. It is also important that young people can make themselves understood in English and can understand English . Description of activities : Day 1 and 2: Are devoted to know each other . Several team building activities will be done , icebreakers are deployed and the house rules will be jointly devised and described ( think of dealing with each other , speak native language , etc. ) . The various participating organizations will present themselves on the basis of a presentation . Day 3 : The topic will be discussed for the first time through activities. Those activities provided different thoughts and experiences on the subject. Day 4 : Is dedicated to learning from each other's cultures , this related to the theme. The day will be filled with role plays , discussions and presentations . The end of the afternoon we will think of the activity we wish to do with the elderly people. Day 5 : The morning will be dedicated to Dutch culture and we will do a tour in Delft . In the afternoon, the activity in the retirement home will take place here, we will cook together . Day 6 : In the framework of the subject several roll games / theater -like activities will be prepared and implemented today. End of the afternoon will be devoted to the subject disabled , then the activity will be prepared for the next day. Day 7 : Taking care for disabled people in different countries is very wide . We therefore want to do a tour at Ipse de Brugge. After this, the young people will perform the activities they prepared with a group of young disabled people in the same age as the participants. In the evening we will do a joint assessment with the findings and lessons learned that day (and the differences between the elderly and disabled ) . Day 8 : This day we will do a tour in Amsterdam. We aim to show the tourist side of the Dutch culture. In the morning we will visit a number of museums , lunch together and then the participants can enjoy themselves in Amsterdam. Day 9 : Attention will be paid to Erasmus + and the Youth Pass . After that we do a evaluation of the exchange. End of the afternoon will be free to determine to pack and clean . In the evening there will be a farewell party . Day 10 : Lock and load. Every day activities: - Breakfast, lunch and dinner together - End of the day evaluation of the activities - Cultural nights, prepared by the different groups - Some free time Results: - Young people know more about each other's culture , mutual contacts and new friendships are formed. - Young people have come to know themselves better and have learned to reflect themselves. They also have felt what it is like to volunteer. - Young people have discovered some of their talents which they can use in the future . - Young people have learned to be open to other cultures , visions and possibilities and come out stronger. Potential longer -term benefits : - Young people are committed more in the minority in their own country. - Young people learn how to prepare and carry out an activity , which they can use for activities they wish to carry out in their own country . - Young people learn to reflect themselves and may have benefit as they are (starting ) professional .
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