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Personal and Human Development, Psychodrama to help Disadvantaged

Reason for the project:Although the level of poverty and social exclusion varies considerably from country tocountry, and social and economic inequality is linked to specific local/nationalconditions, these issues present major challenges for Europe today. The rise in thenumber of EU member states to 27 has increased the competition between states andpeople and is a source of worry most notably for the weaker members of Europeansocieties.This is obviously a great challenge in its own right but especially in the light of theobjectives which the EU is planning to achieve by 2010 - the European year for the fightagainst poverty and social exclusion which coincides also with the conclusion of theEU’s ten-year strategy for growth and occupation.The PhD² project is intended to contribution to this goal since its aim is to furnishtransversal and specialist / professional competences to disadvantaged subjectsthrough new training methods such as video-therapy and psychodrama to re-enforcethe subject’s interpersonal relationships and to adapt / re-adapt them in the social andwork context.Outputs, results and / or products:The PhD² project intends to pilot an integrated video-therapy and psychodramamethodology within a context in which a number of users with different degrees andlevels of social disability, disadvantage and social exclusion can re-discoverrelationships and communication competences (psychodrama workshops) as well asacquiring specialist skills (audio/video production workshops) which can be used for theintegration or re-integration into a working context.Steps and specific objectives of the project:A research study by experts, trainers, psychologists and film makers will study thefollowing points:• Psychodrama re-education techniques in relation to disadvantaged subjects;• Analysis of psychodrama techniques used in the participating countries;• The level of assisted methods with art-therapy used in the above countries (inparticular video-therapy) in order to favour social integration of the disabled,disadvantaged or immigrants.The second phase will be the setting up of verbal and non-verbal communication labs(psychodrama labs with “talking about one self” and “listening to the other”The third phase includes the creation of an audiovisual programme (one for each teambelonging to the countries working on the project). This phase will end with a final eventin which representatives of the participating groups will present their videos and willpersonally exchange impressions on their experience and on the results achieved.The event will be open to public during the presentation of the Video
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