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Période de formation en milieu professionnel à l'étraner
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project which we propose joins in our European policy of openness: 20 years of European sections in three languages(tongues) (English, German, Spanish), numerous language study holidays from the middle school(college). We offer to our young people of the general, technological and professional trainings(formations) up to the BTS(TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE) (second-year university level in alternation) with a specialization in the tertiary sector. We thus have an experience(experiment) of the very rich local occupational environment: our pupils make within the framework of their training(formation) (vocational high school diploma Trades) 23 weeks of internship(training course) over 3 years. The duration of the investment(placement) is of 4 weeks and corresponds to the duration of a period of training(formation) in occupational environment required(demanded) by the reference table of the concerned diploma. This one seems to us relevant to allow at the same time by their closeness and their cultural coeducation(mixing), in the professional and cultural opening of our young people. English is the usual foreign language of the French young people and Spanish the second most practised living language. English remains the most common(current) foreign language in our region, used by the tourists, because of our closeness with the United Kingdom. We are also anxious to offer to our young people the opportunity of an experience(experiment) in Spanish language (85 % of our pupils practise this language). This project concerns 38 from 17 to 20 years old pupils schooled in sixth year of high school or final year of high school, section Trades. The objectives of training(formation) of the academic railings(bars) were adapted to the difficulties bound(connected) to the languages(tongues) and to the type(chap) by training. The places of welcome(reception) are selected in this sense(direction). We meet every year all partners (if possible within the establishment), and use the techniques of internet to communicate. The implication of the whole team of follow-up is essential to the realization of this project which will allow to offer, to our pupils of the additional skills for a better occupational integration, and to our establishment an image of international opening.
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