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Perceiving Tomorrow
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Perception of the human being is basically what drives people into actions from what they know to what they think it should happen in order to improve daily life.Today young people have a negative picture for the future, this caused either by the influence of parents and the hard problems they face today, or generally society that gives a lot of pressure on the changing world. This perception is built upon the knowledge of what the economical, social and democratic situation is Europe in today. Also perception derives from the personal logic and experiences of the young today. This is because many youngsters leave school either by their choice or not. Other youngsters study without researching the availability of jobs for that field for the years after graduating. Unemployment, is also a fact that young people take for granted today so they give up hope in doing anything more in order to change this. This is their perception. And it has to change for the better and the future.We will look at how youth can prepare for the future and be ready to deal with the future opportunities that might arise. Workshops will be designed to maintain a European dimension as all groups will be made up of at least one person from each country allowing for cultural learning during the workshops as well as retaining gender balance. Workshops are designed around the various subjects allowing the participants to discuss the issues and work together to solve problems and share experiences.Role playing will also be used to allow the participants to get another perspective of different problems. This has proven to be very successful as it allows for the participants to see common problems from the viewer’s point of view rather than the actor. This also allows for innovative ways showing problems.Simulations are also done during the project, allowing people to take on roles which are opposite to their real roles. During the simulations the participants will take on roles to re-enact a real situation based on events and problems in the real world. The participants will work together in their different roles to solve problems and to find solutions to these problems. Important here is that the participants take on random roles which add additional learning tools as they need to think and act as the person they are simulating. Competence in technology an internet will be used for creating materials for the results. Using all the above tools and methodologies the participants learn through informal and non-formal methodologies which are real and based on past experiences. As a result we hope to give our participants and our youth the tools to increase their chances of employment and also prepare them for the education and as a result for the future as also changing the perception of the negative aspects of todays life in a better view about the future.We will help them to take advantage of various EU tools to be able to maximize their learning outcomes and ultimately help youth workers to help youth find employment.
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