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"PEP" goes local
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Often ECVET implementation seems to be a mission impossible: With this project we would like to show that “Everybody can eat an elephant, as long as you cut in pieces!” When implementing ECVET, applying the technical specifications will not be enough: it is also about flexibility, autonomy and permeability: Is the training provider able to offer flexible training pathways and do they accept that parts of the qualification are assessed in another context? In other words, collaboration at national and European level is a must!In a previous LdV partnership project “PEP” (Partnership for Experimenting with ECVET in a Practical context), practical cases are set up and an inventory of the most important stakeholders in each of the partner countries is made. It is impossible to involve all these partners in a EU project. Therefore this project provides “a reverse focus”. The experiences, cases and methodologies of the PEP project at EU level will be used in national workshops to involve the relevant stakeholders in ECVET: the “PEP goes local” project!. The main aim is bringing the experiences at EU level closer to the relevant stakeholders at national/regional/sector level. This will be done by providing national/ regional workshops for the stakeholders which are involved in the implementation of ECVET. In this way 9 workshops will be organized and “PEP goes local” contributes directly to the implementation of ECVET. The workshops have to create impact at national/regional/sector level, with the focus on opportunities/ potential, obstacles and possible solutions. An action plan will be set up by the participants, resulting in 9 (feasible!) action plans at the end of the project. In order to provide good workshops, a needs analysis will be carried out amongst all the partners and all the workshop leaders will be trained. Results and methods of the project will result in an “my ECVET guideline”, which might be helpful for everybody who wants to work with ECVET.
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