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Pentru viitorul tau, nu parasi scoala
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project's beneficiary is the "Dosa Daniel" Secondary School of Valea Izvoarelor, a school located in the countryside, in a community where Roma is the predominant population. In a study conducted in the last three years of school, especially at end of school year 2014-2015, we identified the phenomenon of early school leaving, namely a total of 20 schoolchildren from our institution have abandoned the educational system. We decided to support them by bringing back and keeping them inside the education system. Most of them being Roma, they come from disadvantaged family backgrounds and are not getting help from family or community.The project goal is to develop and diversify teaching strategies by promoting inclusive and practical methods of teaching and learning that meet the needs of the students, to increase their motivation for further study.Project objectives:O1 - Developing skills in a European context to run through extracurricular activities in order to reduce the phenomenon of early leaving from the educational system, among the four teachers from "Dosa Daniel" Secondary School of Valea Izvoarelor during the year;O2 - Reducing the phenomenon of early school leaving among students from "Dosa Daniel" Secondary School of Valea Izvoarelor by the end of the school year 2016-2017 by a rate of at least 10%;O3 - Improving the quality of the educational process at our institution through participation and self-motivated involvement in a learning mobility in order to increase the level of professionalism.The number and profile of participants:There are four participants in mobility activities, as following:- 2 teachers from the subject area "Mathematics and Science", which will cover the four disciplines: mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry;- 2 teachers from the subject area "Counselling and guidance" - they could be English, Romanian, history or geography teachers.The staff training activity, i.e. the mobility, will be held in a single step and will be attended by four teachers from the two subject areas.The mobility will take place in the Netherlands, having as training provider Quarter Mediation or other training provider that can offer a similar course to meet our institution's need.This project will conduct a teacher training that meets national requirements by improving the quality of education, offering opportunities for students on the verge of dropping out.Through this Erasmus+ project, our institution wants to provide the mobility participants an opportunity to exchange information and best practices, develop language skills, inter-personal and inter-institutional relations through an appropriate program for the institutional need.Methods used in conducting activities: documentation study, conversation, observation (spontaneous, intentional) in activities with students, explanation, demonstration, questioning, learning through discovery, sociometric method, questionnaires.The following results are expected:- applying appropriate innovative teaching/learning methods aimed at reducing early school leaving phenomenon.- motivate and sensitize students at risk of early leaving the education system by enhancing their involvement in outdoor and classroom activities, aimed at reducing truancy and school dropout;- the manifestation of a positive attitude toward learning, outdoor exercise, environment, community and society, preventing sedentary lifestyle, linking the concept with its concrete representation in the real world, improving the social interaction ability;- improving the language skills of teachers participating in mobility, this being a prerequisite to facilitate the subsequent application to new projects.The impact on the institution consists primarily in developing the European dimension, it will increase the interest of colleagues to apply to new projects. In the long term, we hope the number of European projects in which the school will be involved to grow.The teachers formed within the mobility program will still continue to perform outdoor activities together with the other pupils in the school on different ocasions and they will continue the competitions regarding attendance records on class and school levels.The dissemination activities will be carried out after the completion of the learning mobility in front of the school teachers, throughout the project development by promoting activities with students, displaying the activities' schedule on the project's panel and displaying on the school's website informative materials on how the project was carried out .
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