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Peer Related Education Supporting Tools

Early school leaving is one of the main problems in EU secondary schools. The ProjectPRESTO Peer Related Education Supporting Tools intends to promote the learning tolearn competence amongst European students aged 14 years and above using peereducation.The Project’s overall aim is to contribute to reduce early school living and insufficientschool completion in EU schools. Learning to learn is one of the keys to success atschool; success is closely related to motivation and reduction of early school leaving.The Project will produce two guides, one on how to improve learning and the other oneon how to develop peer education projects in schools, then will pilot the guidespromoting peer education projects for improving learning in 10 schools of 5 EUcountries. Once validated, the guides and methodology will be exploited promoting andsupporting peer education projects in at least 60 EU schools with the involvement of atleast 180 teachers, 600 students as peer supporters and 3.000 ordinary students. Allthe experiences will be collected and made known on Project’s website, in at least 10conferences, 5 workshops, 5 congresses and 5 journals, and directly with at least 2000schools and 25 stakeholders in the EU. A virtual resource centre on peer education willalso be developed and maintained after the end of the project.

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