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Pedagogu tālākizglītība skolas starptautiskās sadarbības kapacitātes palielināšanai
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the priorities of our school is connecting of the teaching process with real life through different teaching and learning methods. Teachers of different subjects make and use tasks, problem situations that are closely connected with the real life. Practical and explorative tasks are used. Several teachers make tasks relevant for usage with interactive boards. Our school is planning to take up methods of CLIL to diversify teaching methods, increase students’ motivation and make the learning process more interesting. The aim is to expand our knowledge and skills of the English language, improve our qualification in order to use different tasks and activities successfully in the teaching process of younger learners. These courses will give new ideas and methods relevant to teach foreign languages to students of different age groups with the target to prepare students for integrated learning of languages and different other subjects. To reach this goal, our school needs a leader whose English language skills would support successful realization of the new method and communicating with the partners. The following teachers have been selected in our team: the head of the school Sarmite Balode, the English language teacher Inese Grigalevica and the teacher of Chemistry and Biology Anna Svitina. They are creative, aim-centered, motivated, open to new ideas and ready to share the new ideas, skills and experiences with their colleagues. Sarmite Balode is an experienced Ieader in project organization, realization and supervision. Her participation in the project will guarantee successful realization of the project in our school and the sustainability of the project. Inese Grigalevica has experience in leading and participating in international projects. She was the leader of our school when we participated in Comenius international partnership project. This school year she has organized participating in a new project together with the students in eTwinning. Inese Grigalevica and Anna Svitina are the leaders of the teachers of the relevant subject method associations in regions of Jelgava and Ozolnieki. They will pass the new knowledge obtained during the courses to the teachers of these two regions. According to the main goal the following courses have been chosen: 12-25 July 2015: Inese Grigalevica participates in course “Language and Practical Methodology: Creativity in the Classroom” (For primary teachers of English); 25 Octobris-7 November: Anna Svitina participates in course “Collegiality across CLIL. Practical Methodology on Content and Language Integrated Learning for Teachers of English in Secondary & Vocational Schools and for CLIL Teachers Who Teach Subjects Bilingually” ; 27 March- 8 April: Sarmite Balode participates in course „English for European Educators”. Each member of the team will share their course experience – a Power Point presentation will be made and all the information will be published in the school website, which is accessible to all teachers, students and their parents. A report will be made on all the ideas and methods learned during the courses and the benefits they give to our school. The evaluation of the results will be carried out. To disseminate the ideas, the members of the team will organize seminars both for the teachers of our school and for the teachers of Jelgava and Ozolnieki regions. They will demonstrate the ideas with the help of visual materials. All the teachers will be invited to participate in workshops that will take place in our school. We will encourage other teachers to take part in similar projects. Creative groups of students will be organized to approbate and integrate new CLIL methods in everyday work. New ideas will be popularized in local newspapers. We expect other teachers from our school to improve their pedagogical competence in teaching foreign languages and sciences. There will be possibility to learn about alternative pedagogical strategies in other European schools. We are interested in integrating new creative teaching methods in everyday work as they will give us possibility to increase students’ motivation to learn and obtain new knowledge. This project will be important to our students, too. They will have possibility to enlarge the knowledge of foreign languages, improve ability to work in team, develop the goal responsibility, as well as learn sciences with the help of untraditional methods. As mentioned above, the long term aim of our school is to develop partnership with other European schools. According to that, participating in this project will give our students possibility to become more confident and active participants of the learning process and the partnership projects. As a result, our school will be able to integrate in the educational system of Europe by developing partnership with several European schools.

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