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Peace is Made of Small Things
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Peace Is Made of Small Things" is multi-dimensional project that aims at crossing different fields of peace building. The initiative roots in the belief that daily actions are the most achievable and productive spheres on which individuals and communities can work, to improve the quality of social life of their and other communities. In fact, people cannot affect geo-political strategies of their countries, nevertheless can actively be part of a peace-building atmosphere and environment around them. "Peace Is Made of Small Things" is made by three steps, that have been thought according to the desire of giving to this project a logical process. It will begin with a deep work on an individual level, aimed at challenging personal entrepreneurship in empathy, understanding, and acting. It will pass by the attempt of “being in somebody else’s shoes”, through living with mixed groups culture and tradition of community to which there is not belonging. Finally, it will conclude with concrete actions aimed at helping a small community of IDP that live in difficult conditions because of war, through youth and social work. The three steps that constitute "Peace Is Made of Small Things" are: 1. Part I, "Peace Starting from Us", Training Course on Personal Development and Conflict Transformation. (Arezzo, Italy) This TC is based on the concept that peace building has to take place, first, in our daily life, through the improvement of our social and cultural skills. Specific and challenging formative sessions, individual and group exercises, screening sessions, practical workshops will give participants the possibility to widen their horizon, encourage empathy, enrich their empowerment and enforce self-confidence. 2. Part II, "Culture of Peace", Seminar aimed at entering physically and spiritually other cultures and traditions. (Bardolino, Italy) Conflict comes from and is fed through the ignorance of the other, peace needs to pass by an empiric strategy of connecting and gathering diverse realities. The very common phrase “being in somebody else’s shoes”, in this Seminar, wants to find a concrete implementation, from a cultural point of view. The method of work adopted here, aims at making participants live the culture of others, enemies and/or “just” different through the direct experience of them. Together, might be possible to outline a common culture of peace. 3. Part III, "Time to Be Active: Building Peace", Youth Exchange based on a concrete work with Internal Displaced People (IDP) to improve their quality of life in the camp. (Tbilisi, Georgia) Goal of this YE is to encourage youth work and cultural activities in a marginal environment affected by memories of war. The objective is to transform an abandoned building inside an IDPs’ settlement into a space in which youth and children of the camp will have the possibility of gathering, do workshops, and have leisure time, thanks to opportunities given, during the YE by participants, and then by local volunteers and spontaneous initiatives within the camp. Practical “building” moments will alternate with youth work and non-formal education activities, involving local children and youth, in order to make them feel part of the transformation. This will give them skills and experience in dealing with marginal communities and will feed their ambitions in social work and volunteering. Participants (Part I: 28, Part II: 36, Part III: 44) will be youth workers/volunteers and/or active members of peace building and intercultural environments both on a local and international scale. Through "Peace is Made of Small Things" they will be challenged and stimulated to: • improve their capability of interacting with others in positive and constructive ways; • understand others’ point of view and encourage confrontation; • overcome pre-concepts based on appearance, ethnic belonging, religious belief, and nationality; • become more active citizens of their communities; • get new tools to develop future personal projects in peace building.
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