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PBS Europe
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

The project addresses the needs of teachers in (lower and upper) secondary schools to deal with students that show various kinds of behaviour and behavioural problems, both passive and active, ranging from mild to severe. These students influence class atmosphere and the class learning environment. Moreover, behavioural problems and learning problems/academic underachievement are often connected.Teachers of all participating secondary schools (and the associated partners) indicate the need for methods and tools and support to deal with behavioural problems of students, both individually and in the group, and where possible to prevent this behaviour.The project provides an innovative solution to address these needs of teachers, by transferring a proven US concept, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), and adapting it to the European setting. The consortium therefore aims to develop a European PBS concept, which is piloted and will be used in the 5 secondary schools participating to the project and in the long term will be a European best practise for dealing with students with behavioural problems. The project delivers this general concept (description) and various "tools" to use/implement the concept, such as a handbook, training material, formats, checklists, etc.Impact is large due to project relevance, dissemination and use. The project is highly relevant because is addresses an issue/topic that directly impacts the quality of education as well as educational results. In these 5 participating schools, the project will directly impact a total of about 4.000 students and 500 staff members. Moreover, a network of schools in Europe is already linked to the project for future use (associated partners), results will be incorporated in educational programs of the teacher education institutes involved, there are many dissemination activities planned to enhance/stimulate future use and cooperation will be continued (PBS Europe organization).

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