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Pathways to Adult Education for Intellectually Disabled People

People with intellectual/learning disabilities require constant re-training of skills. One ofthe main barriers for people with learning disabilities is the lack of accessible adulttraining and information material in easy-to-read/understand language. Some initialsteps have been taken by adult education providers, NGOs and companies to developmore material accessible for people with intellectual disabilities. However, this isundertaken without any common ground, regulation or quality standards. The Pathwaysproject addresses this issue and sets out to improve the accessibility of life-long learningprogrammes in the nine project countries and beyond.The project will set up European standards for easy-to-read adult education material.The partnership will develop and test a methodology on how to involve people withintellectual disabilities in preparation and quality control of accessible adult educationmaterial. The project will deliver a checklist of criteria for the accessibility of e-learningmaterial and websites. Also a template for the training of national experts who will makesure that adult education programmes in each participating country are made accessiblefor people with intellectual disabilities. The results of the Pathways project will be madeavailable in the languages of the participating countries on the project website. A largescale dissemination of the products, conclusions and recommendations will beorganised by the partnership, which is made up of representative organisations of adultlearners with intellectual disabilities, organisations providing adult education for thisgroup or organisations working on the production of accessible information material.
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