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Start date: Jan 7, 2015, End date: Aug 6, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

YMCA European Spectrum (hereinafter referred to as YES) will facilitate a seminar for young leaders of YMCA‘s around Europe on 11-17 May 2015. The seminar will be held in Tallinn Estonia and run into the annual General Assembly of YMCA Europe. The main topic of the seminar is to give young people the training and confidence to take part in a high-level discussion and decision making, as well as being taught the basics of creating a long time strategy for an international organisation. Through the seminar, participants will get the opportunity to influence the future shaping of YMCA Europe by directly taking part in creating the zero document for the organisation's 2016-2020 strategy. There will be 50 participants in the seminar, from 27 organisations within 24 countries around Europe. All participants will be aged 18 to 30, experienced in any sort of youth work and familiar with their local/national YMCA. The working language is English and one requirement is that all participants speak English. The seminar will mainly be facilitated with workshops, presentations and smaller working groups and the methodology will be based on the principles of participatory and bottom-up decision making processes. Additional value is self-development of participants where the indicators are based on increasing competences specified in the Youthpass instrument. Giving young people the opportunity to influence such high level discussions and giving them the training to take active part in it, as we are doing with the seminar, is also likely to empower them to take part in similar discussions on their local/regional/national level. Returning home with this experience will make the participants feel more confident and inspired to put themselves in that situation again. All this will bring their views and a young voice to discussions on all levels. As a long term benefit, participants are expected to take equally active part in the future discussion on YMCA Europe's strategy making after returning home, as well as they will be encourage to take part in similar discussions and decisions on their local levels. Main objectives: • To train and prepare young leaders to take part in high-level discussions and decision making. • To get the voice of young people through to YMCA Europe's 2016-2020 strategy making. • The creation of a Youth Empowerment Core Group within YMCA Europe • Increasing the impact and visibility of YMCA Europe’s International activities in the field of youth • Reflection on the Youth Leadership Consultation that has been carried out by individuals within the YES network since early 2014 and aims to finish before the GA in 2015.
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