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PATHS: for Solidarity Economy and Youth Entrepreneurship in Europe
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PATHS: Youth for Solidarity Economy and Entrepreneurship in Europe (PATHS) is a strategic partnership between European organizations active in the field of education, training and youth designed to promote cooperation and innovation in the field of young social entrepreneurship. This project arises from the analysis of the context in which organizations develop their activities and their previous experience in this field. The outcomes of this analysis are: 1. Given the difficulties that young people find their access to the labour market, youth entrepreneurship is an alternative to unemployment. 2. To become an entrepreneur is not necessary a specific qualification or a particular academic level, but many young companies die in the first two years. That means that could be necessary to improve the qualifications of young entrepreneurs to reduce the high mortality of young companies. 3. Entrepreneurship projects based approaches solidarity economy have a mortality rate significantly lower than the entrepreneurial projects of competitive basis. 4. Organizations in the field of non-formal education and academic institutions (formal education) have interest in promoting entrepreneurship among young people. But there are not enough methodological and training tools. 5. Given the current social context of Europe and the future prospects, young entrepreneurship will not be a fad. Instead could be the only chance for a new generation. The project objectives are: 1. To promote cooperation and networking among participating organizations, developing a line of work maintained over time (integral promotion of youth entrepreneurship) based on the ongoing collaboration between European organizations (strategic alliance). 2. To increase the capacity of organizations working on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship through resources, materials and tools that will improve the quality of its activities and the results thereof. 3. To promote the development of specific skills by workers of the organizations involved (trainers, trainers, youth workers) and to promote their professional training as facilitators of youth entrepreneurship projects in the field of solidarity economy. 4. To contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people as an alternative to unemployment and, simultaneously, as a way to emancipation and to contribute to society. 5. To contribute to strengthening youth entrepreneurship projects and its transformation into solidarity economy enterprises with consequent multiplier effect in terms of employment and contribution to the common welfare. 6. Contribute to the normalization of entrepreneurship training approaches combining formal and non-formal education to the specific needs of the business world. The Partners that are involved in the project are: Red Internacional B-Live (Spain), Universidad de Coimbra (Portugal), Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale (France). Citizens in Action (Greece) y Youth Discovery Ventures Ltd (UK). The project duration is 14 months (February 2015 - March 2016) and it includes tree intellectual outputs: - Mapping of solidarity entrepreneurship in Europe. Comprehensive overview of existing resources at the European level and in each of the countries of the participating organizations, useful for energizing entrepreneurship solidarity projects. - Curriculum for training facilitators of entrepreneurship solidarity projects. The curriculum will have an European dimension and a clear focus on practical learning through non-formal education. - Collection of non-formal education training resources for facilitators of youth entrepreneurship projects in the field of solidarity economy. 90 training materials divided into 40 activities, 20 dynamics, and 30 additional training resources, all of them based on non-formal education methods. The project also includes five multiplier events and a training course for 15 european workers in the field of youth, for training as facilitators of young entrepreneurship projects in the field of solidarity economy.
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