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Passion & Service in vocational training-2
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

STUDENTS : The project entitled " Passion & Service in Vocational Training-2" is a challenge : - to make vocational training more attractive - to increase sustainable employability in the labour market - to increase the 'human' quality in the exercise of the profession in the service industry. To achieve this we propose to give the following opportunities : 1 – Create more international BPV (education in professional practice) placements for participants in MBO level 1 and 2. 2 - More mobility for 1st . and 2nd . year MBO participants. 3 - More small scale and custom-made programmes 4 - More intensive personal coaching and guidance with a view to having more creativity and independence for the participants. With this project we want to make the participants aware of personal responsibility and the positive contribution they can make in today’s society. We believe that citizenship competencies are important in vocational education. Every student is not just an " MBO catering participant " but an "MBO catering participant and committed citizen in the present and future society". To achieve the objectives , the duration of the mobility is customized to their personal abilities and the level of study. The deliberate choice of partners will certainly make a positive contribution to the quality of the project. We have a large number of partners with whom we work. Depending on the level and abilities of each participant, we find the most appropriate country and type of accredited training company for each. Therefore the number of partners exceeds the number of participants that we send each year . Moreover, participants can enroll at any time during the year in any training programme at Europrof, therefore, a broad -based partner contact is of great importance. - The content of the project is aimed basically at 13 students MBO BOL (Level 1 / m Level 4 ) at the initial vocational training in the context of Hotel and Catering , Hospitality, Pastry and Culinary arts. Participants will do a part of their training program, training (BPV) in a European accredited hosting partner. The intention is that participants go for an internship duration of between 7 and 15 weeks . They will gain their practical experience in accordance with the practical skills required in these accredited training companies. Two applications which will have a big impact: 1 -The fact that Europrof gives participants the opportunity to do an international internship , during their first year of study , in a "real-life " situation, ensures the development of their enthusiasm and interest and passion for their future work and employment ( if at 16 or 17 years of age they have this opportunity and experience, one can surmise the tremendous help and encouragement it will mean for them!!) Our experience is that their passion and enthusiasm increases as if they were already 19 and 20 years of age.!!!.... The future will change for them . Their ambition will grow and their performance will be enhanced. 2 - The fact that we give the students immediately in first year, the opportunity to follow internships in 4 star* and 5 star * companies. We teach them right from the start to set the bar very high and then ... naturally passion and motivation will grow rapidly! The nice thing is that if they are looking for their internship of the 2nd year, they are not satisfied with “lower” places .... This is the beginning of a passionate future! they learn from the beginning at the highest level ! This improves entry and employability in the labour market . Internationalization applied in this way you can presume it represents a real modernization of VET ! ! Improving language skills also plays an important role (e.g. English, Spanish and German ). It creates interest and appreciation for the culture and customs of the host country. This helps them to adapt during their stay. STAFF : A total of 5 participants (practical trainers , teachers , etc. ) . a) internships in approved / accredited training companies in the EU countries . b) in collaboration with a number of Hotel and Catering Companies in the EU countries designing and developing educational modules that will be given in the new Europrof Qualification programme . ============= With this “2 in 1”- project implementation , we are confident that we will achieve our five broad objectives , namely : - Achieving modernization of vocational education by internationalization - Accelerating the development of personal, general, and branch-specific competencies - Improving the quality of learning and teaching - Improving employment and sustainable employability - Increasing the value and attractiveness of vocational education through closer cooperation with the industry Together with a number of partners, with Erasmus + projects, we are trying to promote reciprocity. Mutual reciprocity we experience as a great enrichment. Cooperating countries in the proj: AT, BE, ES, NL, UK , SE and MT (new)

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