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PASSenger - get on board
Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

A 'passenger' is a person who travels in an automobile, bus, train, airplane, or other vehicle or medium. The vehicle is not being driven by the passenger, but the passenger is using the medium to be taken to another place. The medium we are referring to in our project's title is not a vehicle of course but non-formal education. Non-formal education is the right medium to develop ones personal skills and competences.In 'Passenger - get on board' we develop methods and methodologies in a Training Course related to the 8 competencies of non-formal education and discover how that by developing these personal skills and competences we become more employable and confident in the work we do. This Training Course will take place in Mostar in mid February 2013. The trainers selected for this Training Course have been selected from within the TDM 2000 International network; of which Asocijacija Graditelji Mira is a member, and have had over 5 years of experiences in the Youth in Action programme and Non-Formal Education in general. The trainers and the participants will 'get on board' and live together and work in a non-formal education environment for a whole week, where they will share good practices and learn more about methods and methodologies of improving personal competences. The participants come from different countries of the EU and the balkan states and the pre-accession countries of Turkey and Croatia. All participants come from backgrounds involved in youth work and working with persons coming from lesser opportunity (and employability) backgrounds!

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