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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT’S PARTICIPANTS: vocational training second-third course students of computer equipment adjuster and organizer of sport club activity professions.PROJECT’S DURATION2016 06 01 – 2017 05 31, total 12 months. There will be two internships to United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Total number of participant: 16 students (8 to each internship) and 2 accompanying persons.PROJECT’S COORDINATOR: Elektrėnai Vocational Training Centre.PROJECT’S PARTNERS1. Idea – M (United Kingdom)3. ALVIT (Czech Republic)PROJECT’S MAIN GOALTo educate and improve practical skills, specific vocational competences and self-reliance of vocational training students and motivate their European citizenship.OTHER OBJECTIVES1. To educate the following specific professional competences of the participants;1.1. Computer equipment adjusters: to get familiar with structure of smart devices; to be able to fix and maintain smart devices.1.2. Organizers of sport club activity: to get familiar with methods of clients motivation; to be able to make plans for individual workouts.2. To educate new general professional competences acquired in real workplaces and improve the ones already had, especially taking into consideration their contribution to labour market of today;3. To create the environment, where participants could acquire entrepreneurship and initiative skills, self-sufficiency, abilities to work in different business situations;4. To raise the level of participants’ sociability, understanding of other cultures and tolerance, to increase the level of self-confidence;5. To improve participants’ foreign language and communicative skills in foreign environment, team-work abilities.EXPECTED PROJECT’S RESULTS• Completed professional training under the internship’s program;• Acquired internship’s evaluation certificates – Europasses, certificates of hosting organizations and project’s coordinator. Professional competences, acquired during the internship, are evaluated by ECVET.• Made reports of internships;• Organised presentations of the internships;• Raised level of the participants’ professional competences according to their professional requirements;• In the real workplaces improved practical skills of participants giving better integration possibilities into labour market;• Improved language and communication skills of the participants;• Raised level of participants’ self-confidence, initiative skills, entrepreneurship, sociability as well as tolerance and cultural awareness;EVALUATION DOCUMENTS• Europass mobility document• Certificate of hosting organization• Certificate of internship’s recognition by EPMCIMPACTParticipants will improve and deepen practical skills and acquire specific professional competences. While having practice in companies, participants will acquire entrepreneurship and initiative skills, self-sufficiency and abilities to adjust to the labour market of any country. Participants will acquire Europass, which is recognized in whole EU. Specific competences, acquired during the internship, will be recognised by ECVET. While living abroad during the internship, participants will acquire sociability skills, they will become more tolerant towards other people, acquire awareness and understanding of other cultures. Participants will improve their foreign language skills, team work abilities and feel themselves stronger psychologically before entering labour market.Participating organizations will raise the level of international collaboration between educational institutions and improve process of vocational training by organizing international internships in real work places. Organizations’ staff will improve organizational and international management skills, get familiar with good practices and work methods used of the partners.DISSEMINATIONProject’s dissemination will be addressed to entrepreneurs, youth, local authorities and society of Elektrenai and surrounding districts; present and future students of EPMC, their parents, teachers and school’s community; potential trainees of hosting organizations.Methods of project’s dissemination: articles in web-pages and regional newspaper, stand and booklets about project, presentations of the internships and consideration of project’s results.
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