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Partnership Building Activity - Charlie’s Angels in Action
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 28 Feb 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Charlie’s Angels in Action” is the result of the cooperation of 4 different organisations participants in a PBA held on March 2014, in Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal. The eight-day youth exchange project takes place in Albania and will serve as the meeting point for 27 Little Angels, between the ages of 16 and25 years old, coming from different backgrounds and four different countries (Albania, Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal) with an interest in the field of non-formal education and human rights topics. “Charlie’s Angels” is not just a group of people with different ideas and views of life –it is a team of hardworking, qualified, experienced people who are willing to take a job that nobody wants to do. We are talking about the violations of human rights that have caused and are still causing lot of harm everywhere in the world. However, we can’t just sit and talk about the problem: we need to stand up and do a youth exchange. It is going to be a long journey, but equipped with the right tools, skills, competences and experiences on our side we are going to fight every obstacle (disappointment, rejection, arguments, language or cultural boundaries) that will stand in our way. More specifically, the Little Angels (as we like to call the young participants) will meet in Albania to share the information gathered in their respective countries about human rights issues, identify potential risk areas, discover similarities among each other, and work on common issues to find a solution for fighting “evil”. In order to achieve their goal and objectives, They will plan and design the project proposals for projects they wish to implement in their own countries in the following years. Thus they will create the activities and respective timetables, design and define the tools and methods which will be used, and generally reflect on important aspects of the projects such as their impacts, dissemination plans, and others. The young people involved in this PBA will return to their own countries and will, with the support of their organisations, implement several projects, such as youth exchanges and trainings, seminars or workshops, according to their real needs organisation. The aim of this PBA in Albania is thus to share good practices among the partners, in order to develop sustainable solid ground for future partnerships on human rights issues, by fostering the mobility of young people with fewer opportunities, by getting to know the needs and expectations of their peers involved in the project, by bring them in a process of active participation and by providing the information about the opportunities of Erasmus Plus. In order to achieve the expected results and to carry out the tasks of the project, the partner organisations will use different tools and methods. Youngsters will develop and improve soft and transferable skills, competences, knowledge and the right attitudes useful for the life-long learning process. They will be able to plan and design their own projects.
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