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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ParticiPlay will be realized by young people from 3 European countries: Estonia, Italy and Hungary. The main topic of the project will be games and the benefits of playing. In real life making mistakes can cause damages. In school if we do something wrong, we can feel ourselves ashamed. In our jobs if we do something in a bad way, it can even cause financial loss. But in games a mistake has no serious effect, this way it keeps the players motivation, while still having the opportunity to learn. But these can only be models about life, of course not everything is the same in real life. That's why it is important to be aware of the similarities and differences. The main aim of the project to clarify these and to underline the importance of playing in general.The main aim of the youth exchange is to improve mainly 2 key competences of the participants: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, and social and civic competences. Sense of initial and entrepreneurship would be supported by the main activity of the youth exchange: creating a game together. During the youth exchange we will develop a totally new game after providing the participants all the necessary information for that. In the first half of the youth exchange the partners would keep for each other workshops on different game types (strategy, cooperational, simulation, role playing etc.) presenting some examples of that, and also we would invite professional facilitators, who would make workshops on connecting topics: game psychology, game pedagogy, and game methodology. In the second half of the youth exchange, we would execute the creating of the game itself. To truly support sense of initiative we would create a campaign on a crowdfunding webpage. We would use it to raise money for creating 'official' copies of the games, which would be sent to the partners, and to some schools who are in connection with the organizations. This would mean the main disseminational material of the project. Creating the campaign will be beneficial for their entrepreneurial competence, even more because this way they will learn how to use a crowdfunding webpage, in case they will have their own idea to create something new, so they will see a new opportunity they can grab, which can become a basic idea for raising money on their own.The second key competence, social and civic competences would reach improvement through the topic of the game created: youth participation. Less and less young people are aware of their power and opportunities in general, that's why they are not so active in their local communities. They don't take part in social processes, however the current choices and happenings affect their lives and future. With the game we would like to raise awareness of the importance of youth participation within not only the participants, but also the students of schools and universities in the countries of the partners. For this they will need to have a clearer view on the topic. That's why they will attend on workshops on it. All in all we await change in the approach of young people reached by our project in youth participation.In the project we will involve 5+1 young people, mainly who are reached by the organizations. We agreed with the partners, that half of the participants will be from disadvantaged background (geographical, economic obstacles, educational difficulties), so participants with fewer opportunities will be preferred to come.We will have workshops on game methodology, game psychology and game pedagogy. Playing is a social activity, that's why it will help them be more social, to make some new contacts, they will be more open to the outside world. The participants will work together with each other on the game, so this supports their ability to work in group.By working on the "home-made" game they will use and develop their creative skills. They will have to invent a totally new game with unique rules. They will work on the design, the figures, and every tool they will need. By creating the crowdfunding campaign they will raise entrepreneurial skills. Our target group is primarily the young people reached by the organizations, learning in the local schools, and secondly other young people who will find our game and online material. With creating the game we would provide a tool for schools and organizations to raise interest toward youth participation in the children and young people they are working with. We expect that the reached young people will have a clearer view of their engagements in their communities. We want to show them that they’re able to bring change locally. For this they have to work together, while one single person isn’t enough to bring considerable change.

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