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Participative Democracy 3.0
Start date: Jan 12, 2015, End date: Jan 11, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Commission conducted a study in April 2013, on the social and democratic participation of youth in society, from this analysis can be noted that 95% of young Europeans have not participated in any activity of a political organization and 44% did not participate in any activity of any non-governmental organization, these are alarming data, which invite us to reflection and action. Starting from this context and clearly betting on the involvement of young people in democratic life, to promote active European citizenship, we will carry out this project trying to find the most appropriate channels for youth to participate in politics and strategies to follow to turn our democratic system in as participatory as possible. This project will have three main objectives to be realized in 3 meetings for discussion between young people and politicians, social and technical experts: ANALYZE: FIRST MEETING This meeting will be based on the analysis of reality, the purpose of this meeting is to know which are the channels and mechanisms of political and social participation that exist today, both at local, regional, national and European level, comparing good practices and successful experiences in other countries and regions in Europe, so that at the end of this meeting all young people and policy makers will have an overview of the various formulas to promote youth participation carried out successfully in Europe . PROPOSE: SECOND MEETING this will be a purposeful meeting, which we will discuss what are the real needs of young people to participate and measures and new channels of participation will be proposed through ICT, the potential for innovative democratic participation offered will be studied web 3.0 platforms, social networks (facebook, twitter, google +, etc.) and mobile applications APP, among others. And we will do special emphasis on ensuring that youth with barriers to participate or who have disabilities can use these new channels, adapting them to their special needs. BUILD: THIRD MEETING this latter meeting will be constructive, it will present a first design of Application (APP) to allow young people to participate more directly in the democratic life, prepared by technicians from the first meeting analysis and collecting proposals of the second meeting. The role of both young and politicians will use that application, allowing them to have a direct interaction between young people and politicians then can maintain long term. This pilot test will detect any errors or shortcomings in the APP, redesign it and improve it. Being the end result of the process of structured dialogue an APP to serve as a channel for democratic participation of young people, having been designed by young people, according to their needs and interests. These meetings will involve a group of 80 young people and 20 political representatives, labor, social and expert technical , including highlights that we have already confirmed their interest in participating several MEPs from Greece and Spain, a deputy of the Congress, several Members of Valencian Parliament, provincial Deputies from Alicante and Valencia, as well as councilors. Therefore It is expected to have politicians of all levels from the local to the European that allows this project to develop a global and European perspective. We have also confirmed the interest in participating of several leaders of social and union movements, some youth movements, which will give a clear added value to the project, also working social participation. The methodology used is the discussion between equals, in which both politicians learn from the young and young from policy makers, in a horizontal and participatory dialogue that will allow make the most ideas of both, based on the premise that working together, gaining consensus ideas and commitments may be able to strengthen the democratic system. Finally, the impact of this project can be very large, since upon completion of the APP to serve as a channel for democratic participation of young people, will begin its dissemination and exploitation, politicians being charged with carrying to the public administrations and propose to use it to different levels also the heads of social movements will disseminate it and will enhance its use for young people know it and start using it. It aims to create a flexible tool that can be adapted to different requirements depending on whether you use a local, regional, national or European level.
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