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Parents, School and Children - Learning by doing together

Project title: Parents, School and Children – Learning by doing togetherCoordinating organisation: Sindesmos Goneon Gymnasiou Makedonitissas, CYPRUSPartner organizations: Escola Secundária D. Sancho I , PORTUGAL School no. 194 "Marin Sorescu", ROMANIA Stowarzyszenie Ad Astra, POLAND Fin Tennis & Pentathlon ry, FINLANDTarget group: Parents and teachers (children will participate)Being a parent is a very difficult task nowadays. Communicating effectively with your children is even harder. Having a good communication with your children´s school is also difficult. Yet all three are very important issues for a healthy and balanced personal and family life.That is why the project “Parents, School and Children – Learning by doing together” approaches these subjects and addresses mainly to parents. The main objective of the project is to bring parents, children and school closer by sharing and doing things together. The basic idea is that all have fun and learn from each other.We will approach the proposed theme in a creative and innovating way, turning the “normal” learning process upside down. Instructors and parents won’t be the only expertise, children will teach their parents too. Adults and children won’t be separate in learning, but they will be learning together, learning from each other and learning for each other. All kind of inside and outside activities will be running and all parents, either rich or poor, refugees, immigrants, with special needs, etc. will equally participate. At the end a common DVD will be produced and all our knowledge and experiences will be disseminated to local communities and other parents.The benefit and the long term goal of the project is each learner to obtain a better personal and family life and live in a healthier environment within the big European family.
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