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Parental Support and Development for the Parents of Gifted and Talented Pupils

This partnership aims to enhance the parental function and contribution to the gifted & talented pupils’ education, to invent solutions with an analytic focus for problems of gifted & talented pupils’ parents (GTPs), and to open up sound channels in the national and EU trans-national policies about gifted & talented provision by a prototype organizational mechanism. The project is based on seminars and meetings planned for GTPs by participating organizations, which serve as gifted & talented education, research and development centers in their countries. The learners (GTPs) are responsible for writing “parent demand reports” and for direct contribution to the “joint public announcement”. The partnership aids for the partner organizations and their instructors & learners to exchange experiences and practices, to innovate their organizational structures, to plan effective parental support and development programs in the area.The project is based on learner and instructor mobility in a 2 year period, with a focus on both process and outcomes. The process involves seminars, meetings, mail-group, family matching; the outcomes involve the seminar portfolios, evaluation means, demand reports, a public announcement for related organizations of gifted & talented education; policy makers, Ministry of National Education, etc.
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