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Parental education together with IT-support for the new generation

The project aims at elaborating alternative models for parents with an educationaldisadvantage.The overall objective of the project is to offer the opportunity to educationallydisadvantaged parents to become responsible parents by improving their abilities,knowledge and skills related to the family environment.Specific objectives:- improving the family climate through better communication between parents andchildren- creating, developing and implementing innovative and strategic methods thatshould act upon the educationally disadvantaged parents as follows:- induce a positive attitude towards lifelong learning- make them acquire the information and knowledge necessary forunderstanding child behaviour, communication and discipline techniques, sothat they can educate their children in a fully informed way- fostering access for acquiring basic skills in using information technologies(Internet) in view of supporting and protecting the children in their relation withthe network;- Acquiring, structuring and promoting educational good practices at Europeanlevel.The project target group is made up of adult people (parents) aged between 20 and 55,with educational disadvantage, who have completed the first level of education, and whohave children aged between 6 and 14 years.Outputs: analyses and studies, workshops, educational models, communicationplatforms, site web site, discussion forums, monitoring, internal and external evaluation,good practices guide.
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