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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth exchange project “Towards better Europe via children” took place in Turkey, in Adiyaman in March 2016. The aim of the project was to bring together 16 young people from Estonia and Turkey in order to have an effective and enthralling discussion on the topic “work with small children”. Participants are young people, who have been working with small children (mainly of the age 1-7 years) on the everyday basis during the last year, and the youth, who is planning to enter the labour market in the near future and who wish to work closely with small children. The objective of this youth exchange was to raise the motivation and the skills to conduct their job with a good heart and in the best way of the young people, who have low-paid jobs, but whose everyday work has an influence on a period very significant regarding a person’s development. The purpose was to give more power and boost for youth to keep on working with small children. This project also encouraged youth to be more enterprising and willing to take moderate risks. It was very important, in the framework of this project, to broaden the mind of youth and give knowledge and experience for work with handicapped children. The most important part of the project was getting and sharing experience between Estonian and Turkish young people, who have similar ambitions and interests. During the exchange, different active learning methods were used - workshops, role plays, discussions, method of work shadowing. All participants took actively part in every activity and practised new methods on the spot. During the project, the following topics were covered: starting new enterprise - opening your own childcare, what are the differences in the work with small children in Estonia and Turkey (different attitudes, methods deriving from for example cultural, geographic or social differences), specifics of work with handicapped children, sharing experience through real activities (both countries prepare games, art activities, fine motor study examples, etc. of their country), motivating oneself at hard times, etc. The project management was conducted by the guidance of the Estonian and Turkish Project Managers; in Estonia, all 8 participants belonged to the Project Team. Project Managers themselves took part in the youth exchange as Group Leaders, ensuring the wholeness, objectiveness and at the end the good dissemination of the due time reporting and results of the whole youth exchange project. As the result of the project, young participants became more competitive and self-confident and competitive while entering the labour market and the young people, who already have a job, became more motivated and dedicated to their work. The young people know more about the basic principles of starting up their own enterprise; they are more cooperative and know how to set objectives and can analyse themselves and their actions in a better way. This project also made the young people more tolerant toward differences through handling the topics regarding handicapped children. Additional benefit of this project in the long run is the creation of new childcare places (also for handicapped children) by enthusiastic young people. New childcare places will, in their turn, provide the prerequisites that young parents, and also parents of handicapped children, can return to the labour market.
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