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paration of the Technical Documentation Necessary for the Road Reconstruction on Lithuanian-Latvian Border (Road reconstruction documentation)

The communication between citizens ofthe two bordering regions of Latvia andLithuania as well as trade and businessrelationships were limited due to thedeterioration or liquidation of smaller borderroads, therefore the need is to renewthe former road infrastructure in order tofacilitate cross-regional communication.The project objective is to improve theaccessibility, local communications,infrastructure and transport links in borderregions by developing the documentationfor reconstruction of roads crossing theLithuanian-Latvian border.The project results in survey data and currentsituation analysis, prepared roads investmentproject and technical documentationfor 9 border roads thus creating thepre-conditions for investments into roadinfrastructure and establishing a bettercommunication between Šiauliai (LT) andZemgale (LV) regions.
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  • 75%   95 550,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus (LV-LT-BY)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

10 Partners Participants