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paration of design documentations to improve traffic conditions between Csengerújfalu and Doba settlements (RPLANCSED)
Start date: Jan 31, 2012, End date: Dec 31, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The projects aim is to improve traffic conditions between the neighbouring municipalities Csengerújfalu and Doba. The project contains construction drawings and the related studies of a road construction for 6400 meters. The direct target group is the population of the settlements, containing 3,715 people, and it has an indirect benefit to the neighbouring villages. The specific development objective is the investment in the infrastructure, which reduces the 50 km long distance to 6.5 km between two villages, improving the economic and social cooperation between the villages. The development also increases the competitiveness of the settlements, makes jobs easier to approach, and better living standards. On long-term increases the willingness to invest in the region and expanding the services.The general objective of the project is improvement of the traffic conditions between settlements, to strengthen cooperation, to improve the competitiveness of the region. The direct target group of the development contains the inhabitants of Csengerújfalu and Commune Doba (which includes five villages). They together have 3,715 inhabitants, of which 845 persons live in Csengerújfalu and 2,870 in Doba. Needs assessment had been carried out during the preparatory phase, the population indicated its need to renovate historical road between the settlements, which would result in increased standards of living by improving the marketability of agricultural products, would increase the transit traffic, stimulate the economy, tourism and the activities of the population. The employees in the settlements should not emigrate, resulting population increases. The development would contribute to the integration of families living on both sides, the development of mixed farms, by the reducing the 50 km distance to 6 km.Among project results: 6 plans prepared and 4 studies elaborated.

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