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PANDORA – Discovering European opportunities for Female Entrepreneurship
Start date: Oct 31, 2016, End date: Oct 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Pandora – Discovering European opportunities for Female Entrepreneurship” aims to develop and share best practices in the field of adult education. The organizations and institutions involved in the project work in different areas, but every institution/association focus on adult education and social field. The main idea of the project is to develop an educational path for disadvantaged women and share best practices in the field of economic integration and female entrepreneurship. This project aspire at creating a cooperation among associations in order to ameliorate their impact on adult education and increase the employability and the entrepreneur spirit of women thanks to a sharing educational path and to the use of new tools and methods successfully experimented by the other partners. The partners will be selected based on their experience in the specific field of adult education and the previous positive partnership during different projects. The choice will take into account the specialty of each partner in order to create a complete framework including different aspects of education, work methods and specific tools. During this 2 years long project, beyond three transnational partners meeting, the project will include specific learning mobility for the staff and two joint mobility for the target groups and staff in order to work together and make them compare ideas.The project foresees 4 long staff mobility (two months each) in order to give the chance to four volunteers/social workers/youth workers of each Association/Institution to work with another Organization and experience its tool and methodologies. During the mobility experience the person involved will be a part of the hosting Organization and will receive a training-on-the-job on the specific tool/instrument and a deeper knowledge of the methodology behind it. Once back the volunteers/social workers/youth workers will participate to a relay race moment with the next youth worker in order to pass him/her all the information about the mobility and will organize and coordinate the local activity concerning what he/she experienced during the mobility period.The volunteers/social workers/youth workers who will experience the mobility will organize and coordinate the local teaching activity using tools and methodologies such as non-formal education. The local activities will last two months each and be divided in four different topics: ICT literacy, English language, Business administration and female entrepreneurship skills.There will also be two shorts mobility, which will involve the target group and the staff. The mobility will take place after two local activities in order to give the chance to the disadvantaged women involved to compare their background, context and experience with other participants from different partner countries and to share ideas for the future follow-up projects.The main idea of this process is to build capacities and skills, on one hand to form volunteers/social workers/youth workers that operate in the social field targeting women and on the other one to give to disadvantaged women and migrants the opportunity to learn ICT and English basis and specific notions on business administration and female entrepreneurship.The communication between partners will happen through emails and Skype call to organize and share information about the transnational meetings and mobility. The consortium priority is to share the best practices in the field of adult education and to enhance hard and soft skills of the two main target groups. The two targets will be also the main element for the dissemination activities of the project being an integral part of the project and a key to an integrated best practice view and application. The intellectual output of the project will be a Guideline book with all the methodologies and tools experienced during the project meetings.

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