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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the most important subjects of the programme is the one - month working practice abroad for our students in 4 different European Union countries. The youngsters could get acquainted with the fields of sales, hospitality, economics and logistics in those target countries. Here are the following trainees in this programme in 2015: 12 shop assistants, 21 cooks, 33logistics assistants who are from secondary vocational and technical schools and are or will be graduates of these trades. During the four-week period there is a language training in the first one followed by a three-week working period with 18 trainees in Germany and an equal number of 16 participants in Portugal, Malta and Spain. The trainees who travelled to Chemnitz (Germany) stayed there from 8th August to 4th September and fulfilled the requirements based upon a well-working, experienced, 6-year old schedule. In 2015 3 shop assistants, 6 cooks, 9 logistics assistants took part in the programme. Our German partner called F+U Sachsen gGmbH provides medium-level, innovative service and does its best at dealing with all requests and solving every kind of problems related to the project. We already have been working together with the Portuguese hosting institution called Braga Mobility Open for 4 years. Its head quarter is situated in Braga, Portugal. We completed several successful programmes together. They provided top quality workplaces for our students. There were 2 shop assistants, 6 cooks and 8 logistics assistants in the training there between 29th July and 25th August in 2015. We were introduced to Maltese IZI Ltd. in 2014. English is official language in this country and last year our students came back satisfied, happily, refreshed with strengthened English language knowledge. Malta is famous for her English education and this fact played a crucial role in continuing cooperation. Into this county we can send more English language learners: there were 5 shop assistants, 3 cooks and 8 logistics assistants in Malta between 29th July and 25th August in 2015. For the first time in our school’s history we could send 2 shop assistants, 6 cooks and 8 logistics assistants to Spain in 2015. We found a company from Cordoba called Actraductores in a small town in Andalusia named Martos. Students took part in the training in Spain between 29th July and 25th August in 2015. Both the Spanish and Portuguese partnerships have the advantage to provide beginner level language courses in Spanish or Portuguese, as well, not just English practising opportunity. Another important aspect of the programme was to provide experience for other members of special education like local company managers, the representative of the schools’ maintaining institution, colleagues from the staff who deal with special education (teachers of special subjects or special foreign languages). We organised a trip to Chemnitz in Germany for a group of 9 people between 25th October and 29th October in 2015. They got a lot of information about the vocational training at schools there name. The group’s task was to get experience how to put ECVET items into school practice and how we can use learning elements from German vocational training in the framework of the Hungarian curriculum. They could see the characters of special training based on the German model but it is highly different from Hungarian practice because of the different economic conditions. However, they got useful information and experiences how they organise working practices and sorting the tasks in education among themselves (the chambers, the workplaces and schools). We could see what they do to reduce the number of dropouts. The group visited the local chamber of hospitality, a special school and a company, as well. The 2 subjects which are mentioned in the summary are closely related as the most important goal is to achieve high reputation for our institution among local schools of special education, to make our school attractive for students and their parents. We need high-quality work in the special subject teaching which provides special exams of good-quality. Through working practices abroad and exchanging special experiences we are getting closer and closer to our goal. Our school attending standards got better. We could increase the number of classes by one in the ninth form in the member school. We hope that we could decrease the number of dropouts especially in vocational classes as it is a typical phenomenon in those forms. We are working for getting better results in special exams and increasing our institution’s good reputation. Students who had working practice abroad in the framework of the programme either continue their studies in our institution or graduated from it with great special exam results in the academic year of 2015/2016.

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