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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Participation in the project “Development and Implementation of Pupils‘ Support System“ for newly established Panevėžys Raimundas Sargūnas sport gymnasium was advantageous,contributed to the implementation of gymnasiums strategic objectives:the assurance of quality teaching and learning,the creation of safe,enabling learning education environments and leadership cultivation that allowed to create conditions for the development and implementation of pupils‘ support system in the gymnasium.The project created conditions for implementation of these objectives: 1.To develop,implement a comprehensive support system for students. 2.To improve the quality of teaching,using “Moodle“ platform,which is being installed in the organisation. 3.To master new active learning methods for kinesthetic learning style of students. 4.To encourage students' motivation through coaching,mentoring,leadership,team building. 5.To master the methods of students bidirectional career guidance. 6.To improve conflicting management skills. 7.To improve the organisation's members general,basic,social communication in a foreign language competencies. 8.To increase participants' awareness,understanding of other cultures. 9.To develop the European dimension in building relationships with educational institutions abroad. 10.To encourage innovative project activities,developing international communications networks. 11.To increase the attractiveness,internationalisation of the organisation,publicising its activities at national,European level. 12.To encourage school staff motivation,creating a favorable organisational microclimate at school,implementing teachers' professional,personal development. Project activities involved 10 members of the staff.Some of the project participants had experience in implementing international projects,professional development and school systems‘ installation. All the training activities of the project were targeted to individual student support system components:active teaching methods in the educational process,the development and implementation of educational „Moodle“ learning environment,the promotion of pupils' motivation through mentoring,leadership,team building,targeted bidirectional career guidance and conflicting management skills. In project acquired skills and experience were adopted to the development and implementation of students‘ support system. Participants' preparation for the training mobilities,the implementation and dissemination of project activities were coordinated by a special working group led by the project manager.This working group ensured the quality and management of the project,smooth and competent solutions to all practical and logistic matters of the planned activities. Project activities: • Participants entering teacher training courses and creative workshops abroad gained the necessary experience for their own professional development. • After returning the sharing of project activities was carried out. • 3 creative labs took place where the participants provided their experience that was gained in the field of the development,implementation of pupils’ support system. • Pupils’ support system was introduced during school’s board meetings. • Pupils’ support system was implemented,altered,evaluated. • Survey regarding pupils’ support system was carried out,during which teachers,students evaluated the effectiveness of the system.The analysis of data took place,as well as the conclusions and suggestions for improvement. • In May,2016 a nationwide conference was organised,during which pupils’ support system was introduced,its development and implementation stages,as well as its advantages and the experience gained in teacher training courses,creative workshops. Participating in the project was beneficial for the successful implementation of schools’ strategic plan.The project had a great long-term positive impact on pupils:active learning methods adapted to pupils with kinesthetic learning style improved their results as well as motivation,whereas profession orienting activities allowed them to focus on their future plans;pupils learnt how to effectively work in groups,manage conflicts and gained self-confidence.The implementation of e-learning system “Moodle” is expected to contribute to the quality of pupils’ educational process while they participate in short-term or long-term sporting events or sports camps. Teachers learnt how to apply active teaching methods,use of ICT in a classroom.They developed skills necessary to work on e-system “Moodle”,broadened their own perspectives,personal as well as professional competencies.Teachers shared their experience and methodological materials with their school and city colleagues.The vast announcement of the project in the media as well as the conference regarding the development and implementation of pupils’ support system provided a positive impact on the educators nationwide.

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