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Paedeia In-Service Course
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: In this plan, mobilty funding is applied for teachers of Pohjanlampi School in Jyväskylä for participating in the “Paedeia In-Service Course” held in Ankara, Turkey, on 19.-24.10. 2015. Paedeia In-Service Course has been planned by the PAEDEIA project in cooperation with six European Universities and their partner schools in 2013-15, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of EU. With reference to the Ancient Greek concept of PAEDEIA, i.e. the idea of educating excellent and ‘good’ human beings and enhancing their good life, the project’ mission aims at empowering young teachers to act as change agents. The main aim of the project is to enhance teachers’ well-being and professional skills through the identification of specific holistic tailor-made induction approaches set up by teacher training and schools in joint cooperation. The university partners of PAEDEIA are the Department of Teacher Education and the Finnish Institute for Educational Research of University of Jyväskylä. The European university partners are University College Syddanmark (Esbjerg, Denmark), Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Porto, Portugal), Gazi Universitesi (Ankara, Turkey) and Karlstads Universitet (Karlstad, Sweden). These universities are well acknowledged representatives of teacher education and educational research. Pohjanlampi School is of the six school partners of the project. One of the main deliverables of the project is “Paedeia Café”; an innovative model for teacher induction. This model is based in peer-group mentoring model, originally initiated in Finland by the Finnish Institute for Educational Research and its partners. The Paedeia Café is a further developed version of the Finnish PGM model; whereas the original PGM model involves new teachers only, in Paedeia Café the new teachers are forming peer-mentoring groups together with student teachers in their final phase of teacher studies. For more information of PGM; please see, and PAEDEIA, This is a new and unprecedented innovation in teacher induction both in Finland and European-wide, and it has raised interest in a number of conferences throughout Europe and even globally. Since Pohjanlampi School has been involved in the course planning from its very beginning, this course is well suited to the development of the international collaboration of the teachers. OBJECTIVES: The course aims at: 1. Promoting the professional development of the teachers of Pohjanlampi School through peer-group mentoring 2. Developing international collaboration and interaction for school development 3. Sharing experiences of Paedeia Café activities in different countries 4. Promoting international interaction in developing mentoring between teachers, schools, teacher educators and educational researchers COURSE PARTICIPANTS: 60 teachers from six European countries will attend to the course. In addition, there will be about 100 teacher trainers and researchers from various European countries. in the symposium (21.-24.10.) There will be a group of 10 teachers from Finland which consists of 5 teachers from Pohjanlampi school and 5 teachers from Mäkelänmäki School in Muurame. Additionally, there will be 4 teacher educators from University of Jyväskylä and the principals of Pohjanlampi School and Mäkelänmäki School, whose travel expenses are paid by PAEDEIA project. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES AND METHODS: Paedeia In-Service Course is based on participatory and activating a group of methods, and it lasts from Monday 19.10. to Wednesday 21.10. O n Wednesday evening 21.10 the symposium is opened by an opening session, and the teacher educators and researchers contribute to the course from Wednesday evening to Friday. The publication of the PAEDEIA project will also be launched in the symposium. On Saturday 24.10. a Cultural Day will be organised by Gazi Univesitesi and the local schools. The program of the course was planned in the project meeting of PAEDEIA project in Esbjerg, Denmark, on 23.-24.2.2015, and the final version of the program will be published in URL address as soon as it has been completed by the Turkish and Danish partners responsible for the in-service course. The course will be based on participatory metodology thoughout the week, and strong involvement of the participants will be required throughout the program. RESULTS AND EFFECTIVENESS: The course will enhance the teachers’ skills and capacities for international collaboration and intercultural communication. It will also promote skills for peer support and mentoring dialogue of teachers.

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